this is cursed

2021.09.19 00:09 alex09012 this is cursed

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2021.09.19 00:09 Bot-invasion Check out RIDE , EV company , horrible financials but a catchy ticker 😁, big gap to fill and SI at 30% , saw a huge volume spike two weeks ago,probably institutional buys (30% owned by institutions), no positions yet , just doing some research waiting for my SDC golden ticket next week :-)

Check out RIDE , EV company , horrible financials but a catchy ticker 😁, big gap to fill and SI at 30% , saw a huge volume spike two weeks ago,probably institutional buys (30% owned by institutions), no positions yet , just doing some research waiting for my SDC golden ticket next week :-) submitted by Bot-invasion to Shortsqueeze [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 00:09 Akavinceblack Where do I find the Seller Dashboard?

I feel like an idiot. I cannot figure out how to get to the Seller Dashboard on my account in the app. Please help me.
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2021.09.19 00:09 Key-Werewolf5860 🥮 Mooncake 🥮 Launching Now| Earn CAKE while you go to the 🌕

⭐️The first CAKE reflection token with buyback feature. ⭐️Hold $MOONCAKE and get rewarded in CAKE and $MOONCAKE automatically every 60 minutes.


🏮 Total supply 1,000,000,000

🏮 Liquidity will be locked :

🏮 Redistribution - 5% of every buy/sell of $MOONCAKE is redistributed in CAKE to all holders

🏮 Auto Liquidity - 2% of transaction converted into liquidity automatically to create stability

🏮 Anti-Whale system - 2% on sell and buyback to reduce swing-trading and break whale’s control

🏮 Massive Marketing plan - 1% to marketing wallet to fuel this ambitious project and to reward our active community


🎯 Influencer marketing push

🎯 Whitelist spot competition

🎯 Meme contest

🎯 Listing on CoinGecko

🎯 Listing on Coinmarketcap

🎯 Listing on BTOK

🎯 TechRate audit

🎯Partnership with influencer (TikTok, Twitter, Youtube)

Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀


🔹 Contract: 0x5a45127977875b76c610c2975f3f6ce7c1ff3980

🔹 Renounced Ownership:

🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.19 00:09 hausofhoes My alocasia family...and counting

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2021.09.19 00:09 SaintTrace_ I saw it coming but I still had hope, GG

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2021.09.19 00:09 TheMixerTheMaster 1 Mile North - Our Escape Route [Post-Rock]

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2021.09.19 00:09 ranan7245 Horror Cats | Cat Ghost Eays | Cat Horror Videos

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2021.09.19 00:09 Vlazthrax What are your favorite Apocalyptic (not post-apocalyptic) movies?

What are your favorite Apocalyptic (not Post-Apocalyptic) movies?
I love Post-Apocalyptic fiction but I really love the doomsday, apocalyptic, watching the world and society crumble type of stories. Like World War Z, Dawn of the Dead or some bits of 28 Days Later and A Quiet Place.
What are your favorite movies about the actual apocalypse?
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2021.09.19 00:09 nightdeity Corydoras stuck in Oak Park FedEx limbo facility

I've had shrimp shipped to me before where I worried over the three days they were expected to (and did) take, but now I see that was a cakewalk compared to this. The corys were shipped first thing Monday and were scheduled originally for delivery on Thursday the 16th. They arrived in Michigan at the Oak Park facility Thursday morning. Around 5pm, the delivery date changed to the 17th (Friday) instead. I was thinking, oof, hopefully that won't hurt too much, at least it's just one more day (hah!)
Yesterday around 10pm the delivery date on the tracking page changed suddenly to pending, and now the page says 'No scheduled delivery date available at this time' and has labeled it at the top as potentially delayed (lol, potentially). It's Saturday now, and there've been no updates besides the changing of the delivery dates on the tracking page since their arrival time to the facility on Thursday. They've just been sitting there.
After reading around, it sounds like a ton of people are having problems with the Oak Park facility in particular (god the google reviews!), with some people not getting their packages for three weeks past the expected delivery date. I'm not sure what to do at this point! I'm not sure if I should message the seller and let them know what's going on in case they aren't aware, or if I should wait and how long to wait if so, because it's still somewhat early and only a couple days past the expected delivery? I'm just worried about the fish and afraid I'm going to get a bag of slime delivered in the mail in a few weeks.

Does anyone have any idea how long they might last in transit like this? There's ten of them together, but the seller appears very reputable (4k+ positive reviews with almost 0 negative) and is supposed to package their shipments very well.
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2021.09.19 00:09 Joerobar [HIRE ME] HIGH-QUALITY ESSAY WRITING SERVICES; EMAIL: or DISCORD: Tutor#8106

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Cost $15 per page
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2021.09.19 00:09 R0GUE_AGENT78 Isolated will be missed...

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2021.09.19 00:09 Linkguy137 Giving my players a party for a session

My players got in a bit over their head and I am trying to give them a get of PCs to run for a session in a dungeon to get the feel for those characters and then have those characters show up as reinforcements to help the players out. Has anyone done anything like this? Did you use fully fleshed out character sheet or just NPCs with some abilities?
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2021.09.19 00:09 DaveBruton How often does the average man pull back his foreskin to wash?

Just interested to know how many men pull back on a daily basis. There is a lot of propaganda out there that guys pull back daily but I think the true story is that most of us lads aren't really doing what the ladies would like us to do. I'm a once a week man.
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2021.09.19 00:09 reddit_feed_bot Antifa burn barricades & clash with police at protest against trial of left-wing activist in Germany (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) Antifa burn barricades & clash with police at protest against trial of left-wing activist in Germany (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheNewsFeed [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 00:09 Exciting-Cricket-395 A few little upgrades

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2021.09.19 00:09 MAXIMUS3609 OH GOD NO

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2021.09.19 00:09 Irvine-Walsh I found these comic books in an antiques shop in Manchester for really cheap, I don’t know if they are popular or not but I loved the original Hush so excited to read Hush Returns!

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2021.09.19 00:09 Arkkaon Great Day at the Ballpark

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2021.09.19 00:09 a_simple_creature Soccer tickets questions

This may be a silly question, but do you have to buy tickets for the soccer games? I can’t find anything online and went into my ticketing account and can’t find a section for men’s or women’s soccer.
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2021.09.19 00:09 Troubac Weight loss after lipo

I gonna have a liposuction at the end of the month and I have the doubt about weight changes after it. I have to always remain on a healthy diet or I will gain weight in the non treated areas? Its hard to continue on losing weight after it? If I lose, will I have an strange texture?
Also i smoked one smoke the other day and its suppose that you have to quit smoking but it was like just half of a cigarette:( Its too bad?
Sorry for the english
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2021.09.19 00:09 aguafonte O dia em que deu TUDO ERRADO

Isso já faz uns meses que aconteceu mas mesmo assim ainda dói. O pior é que eu tive que reprimir toda a minha tristeza aquele dia e não pude chorar, mesmo querendo muito.
Meus pais não se amam faz muito tempo e isso me perturbava muito. Ela já chegou a dizer que odiava ele e que se não fosse pelas filhas iria embora. A pandemia estava no seu auge e eu estava cansada de tudo mesmo, dos problemas com família, a bosta de EAD e todo o resto. Eu tinha ficado "sensível" e não me sentia a mesma de antes. Resumindo, minha vida estava uma bosta. Era briga quase todo dia, do caralho que fosse: alguém esqueceu de lavar a louça, não varreu o chão ou levantou tarde. Minha vida havia se tornado aquilo e eu sentia o ambiente tudo muito tóxico.
Então eu pedi para minha mãe me levar ao psicólogo. Porque eu queria alguém para conversar, um desconhecido que pudesse me dar conselhos e me deixar desabafar.
Obs: eu sempre falava para minha mãe e ela dizia que não afeta porque "é ela que está envolvida", e coisas do tipo.
A gente foi atrás e conseguimos marcar uma consulta. Nesse meio tempo de espera, eu pesquisei sobre como era uma consulta, o que ela poderia me perguntar, e coisas assim. Pela primeira vez em tempos eu estava animada e ansiosa, mas me preocupava com isso. Eu deveria ficar feliz? O quanto eu deveria? E isso foi a minha própria m0rte.
Chegando lá, esperamos JUNTAS (detalhe importante) a psicóloga e quando finalmente ela me chamou a minha mãe ENTROU JUNTO. E eu não queria. Eu queria ficar a sós com a psicóloga MAS ELA ENTROU. E foi aí que a bosta começou.

Eu travei. Simplesmente travei. Já estava dando tudo errado porque minha mãe tinha entrado comigo e agora ela faz essa merda de pergunta? Eu fiquei paralisada na frente delas e só consegui responder "É..."
Então minha mãe começou a falar, mas DA PERCEPÇÃO DELA. Ela disse que "eu mudei" desde que minha avó havia falecido (????????) e falou que eu estava muito sensível. Também falou do meu pai.
Eu me senti tão bosta naquela hora. Minha vontade era de sair de lá e chorar. Mas eu segurei. Eu fiquei paralisada na cadeira, e para não chorar eu comecei a falar na minha cabeça "pato pato pato" sem parar.
Minha mãe falou que meu pai era doente, que o "normal dele é difícil" e a psicóloga concordava. A PSICÓLOGA FALOU DO EX-MARIDO DELA (??????) QUE ERA ALCOÓLATRA E OS CARALHO LÁ.
E eu aguentei. O máximo que eu respondia era "aham". O choro na garganta.
Chegou uma hora em que a psicóloga disse "é só uma fase, passa rápido". Cara, aquilo doeu na alma.
Depois dessa maravilhosa consulta do chá da tarde, nos encaminharam para um psicólogo mais especializado em adolescentes, porém precisava ser marcado.
Fomos na puta que pariu, meus pés doendo e eu ainda querendo chorar e gritar por dentro, chegamos no local.
Falamos com a senhora que estava atendendo as pessoas e falamos a situação, que queríamos marcar. E foi isso que aconteceu:
E então eu quis rir, rir muito porque estava dando tudo errado. Era um misto de raiva, tristeza, desespero e tudo de ruim.
Detalhe: estávamos mais ou menos em junho/julho desde ano.
Eu morri por dentro. Minha infelicidade havia passado dos limites e eu só consegui agradecê-la pelo atendimento.
Voltei para casa, ainda engolindo o choro e reprimi tudo para dentro de mim. Não chorei porque não tinha lugar para ficar sozinha, então eu escondi tudo para mim.
Obrigada por lerem até aqui, e me desculpem pelos erros ortográficos.
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2021.09.19 00:09 Thornsb JST Capital Co-Founder on Embracing Bitcoin's Volatility | Crypto News LIVE Media

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2021.09.19 00:09 ColossalTitan42 How does the transformation work?

My Ultraman 1966 and Orb box set arrived yesterday, and so far I'm loving it! However I'm a bit confused on how the transformation actually works - in Orb he transforms in a photo booth, then by the end of the episode he's back in the photo booth, and in 1966 Hayata uses it then generally appears back where he used it (thinking particularly of the episode where he flies an atomic bomb into space then appears back on Earth a second later). Do Gai and Hayata physically turn into Ultraman then have to return back to where they transformed, or are they stuck there whilst their Ultra fights? Sorry for the dumb question, it's just been driving me mental!
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