Hood checker removed pt from family tree + memory in inventory

2021.09.19 00:07 sunlyoung Hood checker removed pt from family tree + memory in inventory

I have a multi pt mod and I put the character files in the neighborhood character folder and controller in downloads. Everything was working okay until I got this message in hood checker. I got it both in an uberhood and regular hood and the pt was gone from the family tree in both. What does it mean exactly and are my hoods okay?
Another (unrelated) problem I had is the move out memory appearing in my sim's inventory instead of the memory panel. How unusual is this?
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2021.09.19 00:07 George4530 Earn $10 in eGold using the native Maiar app!

First of all, you need to open this referral link: https://get.maiar.com/referral/vu421wxo0g
After that you have to enter your phone number and then click on the download link that will take you to the App Store or Google Play.
After you install Maiar, you should see "Referral code applied" during the registration process.
If you clicked on the link and did not see "Referral code applied" on the phone number entry screen, you will have to enter the referral code manually (i.e. vu421wxo0g).
In order to get the $10 eGold reward you have to purchase at least $200 worth of eGold (with a single or multiple purchases) via MoonPay, Transak or Ramp within 30 days of opening your account!
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2021.09.19 00:07 MiserableProduct Google ads

Anyone else having sudden drops in their Google ad conversions? My sales have dropped like a stone the past couple of days.
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2021.09.19 00:07 tempeaster DD factory lube?

Does DD rifle get lubed from the factory and if so what is it? Wonder if the rifle can be shot right out of the box, local gun store didn’t have any oil in stock.
u/RealDanielDefense, do you happen to know?
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2021.09.19 00:07 jimmyshampoo TIL actor Jesse Eisenberg isn't into music and only likes musical theater and the band Ween.

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2021.09.19 00:07 mountain_ghost Największy rów grzbietowy w Tatrach, Hliński Rów

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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: U.S. administers about 384.9 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines -CDC https://t.co/FmocABu7kw https://t.co/WhIvD9PKms

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2021.09.19 00:07 Clairedukie Theory on why the symptoms don’t go away after treatment

In viral and small bacteria(mycoplasma ureaplasma) infections these pathogens are intracellulars and most of the immune response is by making antibodies against the infected cells rather than the virus or tiny bacteria. So even when these pathogen are eradicated the immune system keeps attacking the epithelial cells and keeps inflammation going until it cools off or dies out. It can be triggered again and more robustly if your body is in contact with same pathogen (antigen) even for a brief period of time even at completely different place like mouth etc. causing recurrent immune response against the same cells inflaming and damaging them. With each exposure the immunity is more robust and longer lasting (the concept behind booster shots in vaccine works same way) causing longterm inflammation to the area. Now if you have few embedded pathogen or in biofilms which comes out periodically then it’s gonna be even longer issue as they will keep triggering the immunity then inflammation then damage even without an outright detectable or significant infection. So if the pathogen is completely eradicated then immune response and symptoms will die out in few weeks to few months(residual symptoms). It they don’t then either there is re exposure or possibly case of embedded or biofilms infections.
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2021.09.19 00:07 FADIKALIL أحمد سعد.. الضحية الأولى لقرارات نقابة الموسيقيين

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2021.09.19 00:07 rrdonoo [Serious] When it's all said and done, who will be LeBron's greatest rivalry in his career? Is that KD or Curry?

Bill Russell had Wilt Chamberlain. Magic had Bird. Who will be recognized as the greatest nemesis/rivalry for LeBron?
He had great battles against Celtics big 3, but it was too short-lived and the big 3 didn't have a clear-cut best player. I think it's either Steph or KD. Thoughts?
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2021.09.19 00:07 idk1203452 A photo of the Moon, Me, 2021

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2021.09.19 00:07 daBronze_man I like Pieck

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2021.09.19 00:07 fathomlife Too close to sidewalk to plug or good?

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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: ICYMI: A rare woman in the upper echelons of her conservative, male-dominated Christian Democrats, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 67, long avoided casting herself as a feminist. Now Merkel says, 'We should all be feminists' https://t.co/CZhUxWKY3u https://t.co/BCTQEPt2a7

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2021.09.19 00:07 FADIKALIL فوز صعب للهلال على الاتفاق

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2021.09.19 00:07 jivygraphics Thanks I hate Thomas milk-eyes.

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2021.09.19 00:07 claytimeyesyesyes I make $250k in total compensation and spent $122.93 while on a trip to Southern California

I was meant to post this yesterday but work was nuts, sorry y'all! You might remember my last money diary - it has all my financial details, if you'd like to start there.
I took a trip to visit my parents in Southern California for my birthday. I hadn't seen my dad in two years, and I really needed a break from work (burnout is no joke). I planned this trip a few months in advance in an effort to get the best airfare rates.
Travel Expenses Transportation: $343.80 for my flights (not including the change I made later)
Accommodations: $0! My parents insisted I stay with them.
Pre-Vacation Spending: I didn't buy anything for this trip specifically
How did you save up for this trip and for how long? Did you accumulate credit card debt for taking this vacation?
I planned this trip a few months in advance (June), literally the day after I went back to the office full time. I didn't save anything particularly for this trip, but I did pay down my credit cards in anticipation of the trip.
Travel Diary DAY 1 - Saturday ($131.14)
I did something I never, ever do: I overslept my flight. I take an Uber to the airport in a panicked rush while on the phone with the airline ($59.26). They manage to get me on a 5PM flight, which is great, but it's also 9:30AM. Guess I'm spending the day in JFK.
I was really worried about the flying situation from a COVID perspective. Everyone in the airport is wearing a mask, though, and that makes me feel somewhat better.
I grab a Starbucks (using money already on my app) and find a corner to sit and knit. I'm listening to You're Wrong About, which is a fantastic podcast. Midway through the morning I get a smoothie at Jamba Juice ($13.58). I take a break at some point in the afternoon to get a healthy meal of chicken fingers and beer at the sports bar across from my gate ($43).
I board a little before 5 and settle in. I haven't flown Jetblue in a long time, and I'm impressed. Free wifi! I buy some plane snacks - a cheese plate and a mini bottle of prosecco ($15.30). I spend the whole flight knitting and listening to You're Wrong About.
I land a little early and text my dad, who will be picking me up. My parents recently divorced, so I'll be spending the first few days of my trip with him. We immediately go to get tacos. Literally nobody is wearing a mask??? I try to pay but my dad insists. I get four rolled tacos (taquitos) and a horchata. God, I'm home.
At my dad's apartment, I meet his cat and we are immediately friends. I make my dad watch the first couple episodes of What We Do In the Shadows and he, predictably, loves it. When it's time for bed, my dad gives me a pillow and some blankets and I make up the couch. I conk out.
DAY 2 - Sunday ($0)
Today, I'm visiting my abuela. We head inland and I watch the temperature climb. I haven't seen my abuela in over two years and we don't really have much of a relationship. I'm surprised to see how much she's aged - I suppose she is 90 years old! We have lunch and cake and she gifts me a quill (?) and a set of journals.
After we leave my abuela's, we stop to pick up pho for dinner. Again, I try to pay, again my dad blocks me, bodily this time. Since we're inland, we swing by one of our old haunts - a doughnut shop - and pick up some massive doughnuts. And, since we're already by the doughnut place, we swing by the tortillaria for some fresh tortillas. The lack of masks in California is really unsettling.
At home, we eat dinner, watch some more of What We Do in the Shadows and then it's bedtime.
DAY 3 - Monday ($47.94)
I'm up on the early side and my dad proposes we go get some croque madames - yes please! We drive down the coast and manage to snag a table before it gets too crowded. I get a double egg yolk on my croque! Dad pays, yet again, and I tell him I'm starting to feel like a mooch. I think he's just happy I'm home.
After breakfast, I make my dad go to one of my very favorite coffee shops for a London fog. I manage to pay this time ($7.50). I'm still very anxious about the lack of masks around here.
I need to pick up some toiletries and also a replacement charger for my Fitbit so we go to Target ($40.44). Next, we go to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner - we're making mole! I'm so excited. I play with the cat while dad gets the mole started. I miss my own cats :( The mole is amazing - it's made with almonds instead of pepitas and is slightly sweeter. We have it with roasted chicken, the tortillas we picked up the day before, rice, and avocado. We forgot beans at the store, whoops! We don't miss them, though.
After dinner, we watch more What We Do in the Shadows before bed.
DAY 4 - Tuesday ($13.46)
Dad makes us tortilla eggs for breakfast (cut up corn tortillas sauteed in butter, eggs scrambled in). Dad has to work today, so I end up falling asleep again. It's a lazy day.
Eventually, dad breaks for lunch - we go get some sandwiches from the grocery store (he pays, I sigh) and take our sandwiches to the beach. Before the beach, I make my dad go to the drug store to pick up some sunscreen because I don't want to get burned ($13.46). The beach is hot, but it's lovely to be on the beach again. I get up to wade in the Pacific - it's cool, but pleasantly so.
For dinner, my dad makes us quesadillas with the fresh tortillas. We watch more of What We Do In the Shadows before bed.
DAY 5 - Wednesday ($70.03)
Up on the early side since my dad is dropping me off with my mom this morning. I tear up; something about my dad's situation makes me deeply sad and I can't put a finger on it. I give him a big hug and then it's mom time!
My mom and I go grab breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast spots. I get ricotta stuffed french toast with berries and my mom gets lemon poppy seed pancakes. It's soo good. My mom pays in spite of my protests. I'm getting spoiled!! I did not expect this.
After breakfast, I want to pick up a fancy bottle of champagne for my birthday this weekend. We swing by BevMo and I pick a bottle of Vueve Cliquot Rose ($70.03). After dropping the bottle off at home, my mom and I drive inland to see her trust attorney. She's been really smart about getting her assets in order and creating a trust for my sister and I after she's gone. She's not dying, just morbid! I actually really appreciate it - seeing what she went through with her mom and Alzheimer's, I know it's best to be prepared. I sign some of the trust documents and then we head out.
On the way back to the coast, we stop by In-n-Out, yay! The fries are so good this time, too - I end up eating them all in the car. We take the burgers out to my mom's balcony overlooking the lagoon. Afterwards, we go for a walk on the beach. The tide is really high so there's not a lot of beach to walk on. I get super sunburned 🤦‍♀️
For dinner, my mom and I head up the coast to wander a farmer's market. We discuss our dinner options as we watch the sun set over the water and settle on a pizza/brewery place that's one of my favorites. My mom pays (I swear I'm going to pull one over on my parents at some point). We end up having a heart to heart about the situation with my dad and I cry a bunch. It feels good to get out, though.
At home, get ready for bed. My mom gives me her bed despite my protests.
DAY 6 - Thursday ($106.94)
We get up leisurely and head back to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast. I get toast, poached eggs, avocado, and tomato, as well as a hot London fog. It's delicious. She pays, but I buy another London fog to take on a walk along the beach ($7.50).
After our beach walk, my mom offers to get us both a pedicure. I will pay for this one... Except she sneaks her credit card when I'm not looking!! I end up leaving extra tip for both aestheticians ($10). It was very, very weird to be in a nail salon after so long. At least more people are wearing masks here.
My mom wants to show me the niche she purchased at a mission to hold her remains, so we drive up the coast to the mission. The grounds are beautiful, and my mom picked a niche with a nice view. We wander the grounds of the mission for a little while, but it's hot, so we drive back down the coast.
We stop to do some shopping. I have birthday coupons burning a hole in my pocket. I pop into Anthropologie, but nothing really catches my eye. We also stop into Madewell, where I buy a dress with my birthday discount ($89.44) and my mom insists on buying me a sweater. I at least convince her to use the $10 credit I have on my account.
For dinner, my mom and I grab lobster rolls (I have given up on trying to pay) and take them home to eat on her balcony. The lobster rolls are So. Good. Easily comparable - if not better - than some you can get on the east coast. Afterwards, we watch some Disney behind-the-ride videos when... Thunder? Thunder! A massive thunderstorm rolls through. We end up in my mom's bedroom watching the lightning over the lagoon. Super cool! It's still rumbling when we head to bed.
DAY 7 - Friday ($178.30)
We're up early and head out to my other favorite doughnut shop to get doughnuts. I get a boston creme and a glazed. Mom pays. Both of my parents are getting extremely expensive Christmas gifts - it's the least I can do!
We take the doughnuts to my favorite coffee shop (mom pays) and sit outside to eat our doughnuts. I eat the boston creme - it's so good.
We hang out the rest of the morning. My mom convinces me to move my flight on Sunday later, so I call the airline and get an 11:30AM flight instead of a 7:15AM flight ($178.30).
We head to Mexican food for lunch. It's (surprise) another one of my favorite places, which does a fantastic lunch special with margaritas. Proper ones, on the rocks. I get a chicken enchilada with salsa verde and clear my plate. I'm so full, it's almost painful.
After lunch, we drop by the bank to get me on my mom's accounts as part of the trust agreement. It takes a while, but my mom is glad to have it done.
Then we head out to do more shopping. We visit a couple of stores, but nothing really catches my eye. We're still really full so we head home. My mom's friend seems to have dropped by and left another bottle of Vueve on the porch! Score.
I lie down for a nap. My mom puts out some charcuterie and we pop my bottle of Rose. I'm not really hungry but I still end up eating plenty of pate and cheese ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DAY 8 - Saturday ($145.67)
Happy birthday to me! I wake up and eat my glazed doughnut from the day before along with a mimosa. My mom insists that I open her present - it's a cute little backpack from Kate Spade. I love it. It's the same color as her current purse and it's fun to be matchy.
I put on a Farm Rio dress that I was saving for a special occasion and we head out to my blowout appointment. Once again, nobody in the salon is wearing masks. I consider putting on a second mask. The women at the salon realize it's my birthday and the prosecco starts flowing. I have had three glasses of wine already today and it's not even 11AM. I get lots of compliments on my dress. I tip $10 for my hair stylist.
After my hair is done, I walk over to Sephora to redeem my birthday treat. I also buy a new lipstick from Bite ($30.17). Eventually, my mom returns and we head out to get lunch. We stop by Starbucks to redeem by free drink. At one of my other favorite Mexican places, I get some rolled tacos while my mom gets a shrimp taco and a carne asada taco. My mom and I take it to eat at a park overlooking the beach.
Next stop is the outlet mall. We pop in and out of various stores, and I keep getting loads of compliments on my dress. I feel extremely pretty today 😅 Nothing really catches my eye until we end up in the Ann Taylor outlet and I find a faux suede dress that is darling. I spring for it ($105.50).
After our shopping excursion, we head up the coast to meet my dad for dinner. I'm a little nervous about this because I don't know how my parents will behave. I bring the other bottle of Vueve to open at the restaurant. A random skateboarder tells me he likes my dress, and a truck honks and hollers at us as we walk to the restaurant. I'm loving this dress!
We get a table looking out over the water! The sun has set and the restaurant is busy. The waiter pops the bottle and spills a bit of the champagne, so he comps the corkage fee. Woo! I get a plate of carbonara and my parents insist I drink most of the bottle. Dinner is civil and actually enjoyable! The restaurant comps me a creme brulee for dessert as well. Delicious. My dad gives me a Joule sous vide like the one he has.
Birthday was good ☺
DAY 9 - Sunday ($95.65)
I do not want to go home. I get teary as I get ready. My mom makes blintzes for breakfast. She drives me to the airport, and I cry a bunch. I'm absolutely dreading going back to work. We say our good byes at the airport and I basically walk right onto the plane.
I spend the whole flight knitting and listening to You're Wrong About. I land in Charlotte and do the CLT sprint across the concourses only to find out that my connection is delayed. I go find something to eat and end up at a bar with a beer and a crab cake sandwich ($40). I tear up over my meal but the fries are really good.
There are about 50 Jets fans on my next flight. Weird. I knit for the whole flight again.
At JFK, the taxi line is long and there are literally no cabs. I check Uber and Lyft but the fares are $150+. It's nearly midnight by the time I get a cab ($55.65). When I finally get home, I'm greeted by my cats and.... a ton of cat poop everywhere. What on earth did my cat sitter do?! I have a small freak out and wander around my apartment uselessly. Deep breath. I take a weed gummy and tuck myself into bed. Vacation over 😪
Expense Breakdown

Category Description Total
Transportation Flights, Ubers, etc. $637.01
Food Meals, coffee, etc. $196.91
Personal Clothing, beauty $289.01
Misc. Everything else $0
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2021.09.19 00:07 ScatheX1022 Title, Subtle Transformation, Artist, Me, Medium, Watercolor paint, Year, 2021

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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: Lens end 15-year wait to beat Lille in derby despite crowd trouble https://t.co/WIHkttanpb https://t.co/URxDGlRk7u

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2021.09.19 00:07 FADIKALIL نبض بيروت مع المحللة السلوكية والمستشارة في التربية الخاصة كريستين دير سركيسيان

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2021.09.19 00:07 crystalmethvd Cal/Dua Salehs gender identity/pronouns

Going to make this quick but I’m sick of seeing people misgendering Cal/Dua. They are Non-Binary and go by they/them pronouns. It is so disrespectful to them and other people who identify as non-binary and trans people misgendering them.
Cal says it several times in the show that they don’t fit in with the “male/female” binary and it only takes a quick look at Dua’s Instagram to note their pronouns
I’ll leave you with this…. Do better.
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2021.09.19 00:07 rgeu7382i Fully vaccinated

Any indication of fully vaccinated people to travel interstate freely?
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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: WATCH: Elderly Jordanians enjoy the musical performance offered as a part of music therapy sessions at a retirement home in Amman https://t.co/2vjDQPNveC

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2021.09.19 00:07 nickbnzr Average redditor compares the pentagon to a villain’s base.

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2021.09.19 00:07 FV95 The Many Saints of Neward International Release

Does anybody have any idea of when and how will the movie be released internationally? I'm from Mexico and can't get any info on how it will be released here. It doesn't seem to appear on the upcoming release slate of theatre chains and there's no news whatsoever of it being on HBO Max Latin America.
I guess I will have to block notifications on every social media since spoilers will be everywhere, but for how long damn it??
Anyways, you guys in the US enjoy it. I'd kill to watch it on the big screen.
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