New bitlife

2021.09.19 00:07 TablePrinterDoor New bitlife

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2021.09.19 00:07 dylanv14391 Well, my girlfriend just broke up with me

Does anyone have anything to make feel better cuz I’m feeling pretty shitty right now.
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2021.09.19 00:07 arcane-rift Best Paul’s

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2021.09.19 00:07 johnny_dukey Please help with the Eggs floating on the surface believe cloudtail minnows not sure

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2021.09.19 00:07 guy4guy4guy Thoughts of an idiot 4

I don't get how we use timezones why don't we just use UTC/GMT it's so much better than searching up what does the timezone name mean and then looking in the clock to calculate what is the hour difference you can just write something like GMT-5 because it you do you can learn your timezone for this I will use mine which is GMT+2 which means that est is a difference of 7 hours.
This was less idiotic but I wanted to talk about my random thoughts in this series so I did this.
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2021.09.19 00:07 Potential_Dwarf 10th Week

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2021.09.19 00:07 nbafan631 H: Briefs and Cases W: Blockfiles

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2021.09.19 00:07 HelpMeGetAName I wish They Know

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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: Hong Kong's first 'patriots-only' election kicks off

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2021.09.19 00:07 Arttoast Shitcoins vs Crypto Scams What's The Difference?

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2021.09.19 00:07 Lurk3456 [HELP][PC][DS3] Twin Demons / Demon Prince (NG-SL84)(pass=dillsack)

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2021.09.19 00:07 LB__60 Best scene in TV history

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2021.09.19 00:07 salmelaaa i cum

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2021.09.19 00:07 KingAries1996 Yhwach needs a makeover.

I love the bleach art style. Kubo does an amazing job with character design. But Yhwach looks like a 45 year old peeping Tom with a drinking issue. 😂 when you compare him to Aizen or the Espada he just seems really low effort to me. I'm not I'm not saying Kubo didn't try, I'm a horrible artist so he did Leaps and Bounds better than I ever could! 😂 Yhwach just seems like a rough draft of a side character or filler bad guy.
I don't mean to offend anyone you guys have been great. I love this community!
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2021.09.19 00:07 Peet-R Before the storm. (Galaxy S10, Pro mode, no edit)

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2021.09.19 00:07 thisismynamee888 Time to go touch some grass

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2021.09.19 00:07 axollama DID YOU TAKE MY FUNGAL MASK, AUNT SUSAN

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2021.09.19 00:07 Proper_Permit_429 The Baba Yaga (John Wick build)

Tried my hand at a john wick build after not seeing any I found to give that fast paced feel that comes with the character. This build focuses of running and gunning with the option of stealth, this said here's what I found to fit the ledgendary hitman.
SPECIAL. S:4 P:4 E:2 C:5 I :4 A:7 L:3 These were chosen for perk choices and if you want you could upgrade charisma for the intimidation perk but I found that the early perks were best spent other where. The special book will be used on endurance.
PERKS. Gunslinger: 5 Commando:5 Iron fist:5 Big leagues:5 Blacksmith:3 Locksmith:4 Attack dog:4 Animal friend:3 Medic:4 Gun nut:4 Hacker:4 Sneak:5 Action boy:3 Moving target:3 Ninja:3 Bloody mess:3 Lone wanderer:4 Scrounger:4 Rifleman:5
COMPANIONS. humans conflict with the lone wanderer perk and instead I recommend dogmeat for obvious reasons. But you can always pick your favourite friend.
GEAR. For armour you can by an armoured black suit from tinker Tom. Sadly the clean black suit cannot be ballistic weaved so this is the best you can get. In terms of weapons I used the following: Pickmans blade. Bladed knuckle dusters (stand in for the safe maker 1.) 44. Magnum. 2 combat shotguns (Preferably with the armour piercing effect.) Assault/combat rifle (pick ya favourite.) The deliverer Sniper rifle
PLAYSTYLE. As a jack of all trades character no playstyle is punished but I found myself rushing towards enemy's firing rounds from my rifle before either blowing them away with a few shots from my combat or tearing into them with knuckles or pickmans blade. Try and remain level headed in dialogue but dont be timid a charisma of 5 will allow you to intimidate those who get on your bad side.
This is what I've done so far but any input would be amazing so I can flesh out such a ledgendary icon into my favourite game.
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2021.09.19 00:07 theroughprobation ️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

⚡️PowerChain️ ($PWRC) is a Binance Smart Chain Network token. This token is designed to act as a new way to sell or buy overproduced energy. Right now more and more people are producing their own energy for example by using solar panels. You can sell your overproduced energy to other people or companies who need it. With $PWRC and by using our upcoming platform, you will be able to sell or buy energy all by yourself. No third parties required.
We have a huge marketing campain and investors ready. For more details, visit our roadmap on the website when launched.
Buy here:
PowerChain details and tokenomics:
🎉 Fair Launched
✅ Audited
✅ Locked Liquidy
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Verified and Doxxed Teams
⛔ ️No Presale
💵 2% Auto Liquidity
📈 2% Marketing wallet
Website: Under development
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2021.09.19 00:07 Cornshortage Local Multiplayer Not Working (Nintendo Switch)

I looked it up and watched a few videos, they all say the same thing in that you push the (+) button to enable split-screen, I've ensured that multiplayer is off in the game menu and the output is set to 1080p; the only difference I've noticed is that when I push the (+) button it opens the menu in the game and the videos I watched didn't do that, but the menu button is not bound to the (+) button in the game.
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2021.09.19 00:07 -en- @Reuters: ICYMI: Wild bears play with a ball in India's eastern Odisha state

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2021.09.19 00:07 jaimebaelish69 This made me cringe

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2021.09.19 00:07 shlable710 Rating.

I tried searching to find this answer but does anyone know if it’s possible to get tournament rating transferred over if I didn’t have a rating when the tournament happened (today) but plan on purchasing a membership in October when it becomes valid for next year?
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2021.09.19 00:07 mynameismur That's the best thing I could've ever asked for

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2021.09.19 00:07 icyy___ thought yall would enjoy this instagram archive of a dank vape from 2018😭

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