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I feel like having a superhero on my team is just “slightly” unfair.

2021.09.19 00:31 Killerofnl1919 I feel like having a superhero on my team is just “slightly” unfair.

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2021.09.19 00:31 Nches Custom-erotica writer specialising in the most extreme and fucked up niches talks about being paid to write stories about ultra-specific fetishes like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park eating pregnant women, zombies cannibalising people, etc. and what impact doing this as a full-time job has on him.

Custom-erotica writer specialising in the most extreme and fucked up niches talks about being paid to write stories about ultra-specific fetishes like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park eating pregnant women, zombies cannibalising people, etc. and what impact doing this as a full-time job has on him. submitted by Nches to vlog [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 00:31 Styrofoamcowboy Questionnaire for Student Housewares Design Competition

Hey all!
My name is Ross and I’m a university student currently studying in the field of Product Design.
For one of my classes, I was assigned to participate in the International Housewares Association 2022 Student Design Competition. This is an open-ended competition supporting various problem areas that could produce a wide range of solutions in the world of household products.
As a Type 1 diabetic myself, I have been passionate for years about making diabetes management and care easier for everyone, so it was a naturally appealing area for me to tailor my research and work for the competition.
To help my process, I would be so grateful if anyone reading this would take the time to fill out this survey form. The answers given could help me to develop more in depth research about diabetes management and also help me in making the right design decisions for diabetes management in the home.

Below is a link to the questionnaire. Alternatively, if you would rather do a face to face interview over zoom or another videochat service, feel free to personally message me and we can get something arranged!
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2021.09.19 00:31 ffworld90 Thank me later

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2021.09.19 00:31 TheDuckFarm For the love of god man, just call a cock a cock already.

I just had to put down a book a quarter of the way through because the author seemed so intent on using any word he could think of aside from hen and cock. I get it there are lots of foul words to describe your chickens. At some point please just use hen and cock or rooster or whatever. How many euphemisms can we come up with for the word chicken? It’s getting old really fast! And that part where he had to strangle that poor bird. Don’t get flowery, say choke the chicken like a normal human being. Forget the imaginative thesaurus worthy words like poultry studs, or cluck buddies, and just say cock already.
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2021.09.19 00:31 stephdub206 Rosie is leaving! Only comment if you have an open plot please :) she is gifted.

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2021.09.19 00:31 Testing123lmao What’s the weirdest thing you have in your room?

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2021.09.19 00:31 Kingvenagodthe1 The hardest thing of it all is knowing what you had after you lost it. After that, The easiest thing is not giving a fuck because they don’t give a fuck about you

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2021.09.19 00:31 getsomemommy This nigga don’t give a single fuck

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2021.09.19 00:31 arkotroll Issues with animating my player

So there's 2 issues that on first sight seem to be originating from the same source.
I found a free model on the asset store that is fully rigged and doesn't include animations, I used both Mixamo to import it and download custom animations, and downloaded animations meant for other models with the same rig.
I've set up the animation controller, set up the tree to make the character idle yet whenever I start my game.

  1. The animation looks nothing like the idle animation, or any animation I imported into this project or set in the tree, it looks like a generic fall pose that I haven't even downloaded to include yet.
  2. When the character falls to the ground it sinks halfway through the ground. Whenever the animation controller isn't active the character lands on the ground normally, I'm not using a rigidbody with gravity but I am simulating gravity with a custom script that uses the same formula as normal physics use for gravity.
Now I've done some digging but since I'm fairly new to unity I haven't found much, other than how to preview animations in unity, with any model you want and even the default unity character that it offers to preview end up in the same position no matter which animation I preview. Which things do I need to go over to fix it, is this an import problem or just a general setting in the option that prevent animations from existing, since all of them look the same
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2021.09.19 00:31 AllCouponFree Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021

Free Certification Course Title: Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021
Enroll Here: https://allcouponfree.com/best-ios-development-courses-on-udemy-in-2021/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.09.19 00:31 BitterCelebration765 29 curious UK 18+ bitterport19

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2021.09.19 00:31 unicorn675675 I’m bored and I’m 18F living in Russia AMA

So yeah the title says everything
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2021.09.19 00:31 themidwesterner [WTS] Sofirn SP35 A+ Like New, $25 Shipped

Like new Sofirn SP35 for sale. Includes battery, usb cable, and packaging. $25 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.
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2021.09.19 00:31 pj1082 Loved this cigar! Packed full of flavor!

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2021.09.19 00:31 i_see_blue RH is "Unavailable in your country"

Tried downloading Robinhood again but it is "unavailable in my country" for some reason , I tried everything I could but still nothing , if I get a cracked version it probably won't work so what's the point on trying that. Any suggestions on what should I do or what can I use instead?
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2021.09.19 00:31 dirrtyremixes Nicolas Barnes - Focus [DR203]

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2021.09.19 00:31 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.19 00:31 putname_here How Do I Let Go Of Lingering Resentments and Move Forward?

Hello! This is my first time posting, but I have been lurking for a few months now. Please let me know if I used the wrong Flair.
I (26F) am currently in the process of helping my mother(46) tackle the horde. She gave me her permission to "declutter" less personal (to her) areas of the house about 10 months ago. I can really only manage to get to the house and purge/clean/organize about once a week, so progress has been slow, but steady. After a lot of frustrating days, and a few...learning experiences...where I pushed too hard too soon, the house is finally at a point where you can really see the work that's been done.
I have done 90% of this work by myself, because I mostly clean while my mom is at work. We've found this is the best way for me to get things done without her feeling attacked/getting in the way, plus it allows me to work out the emotions & frustrations I feel about the hoarding, without having to worry about hurting her feelings while I do it. Ideally, I would like to hire a service to help with this, but Mom is not ready for that just yet.
Last week, the thing I have most been looking forward too (and secretly dreading) happened. She told me she was ready to work on her bedroom and asked for my help to do so. It goes without saying that her bedroom is the worst room in the house, and I haven't touched it, except to move out some boxes of random things she had packed up when I moved out.
I was excited but nervous; the only space we had worked on together was the desk for the family computer, and it was one of our more difficult "learning experiences". That being said, she was actively asking for help to clean a really difficult/emotional space, so I tried my best to go in prepared.
I am honestly really, really proud of her. She had some pretty unrealistic expectations of what we were going to get done, and there was a lot of crying, and a lot of unpleasant memories for both of us, but she stuck to the goal of clearing a path to her old dresser, and even threw away the shirt of her ex-husband that had been hanging on an old lamp for about a decade!
It was also the most intense and draining cleaning experience I have had since this whole thing started. I thought the worst had been when I had to throw away a lot of childhood items that had been ruined by raccoons, but this...Every item had a story, every step forward was a struggle, and I constantly had to advocate for approaching sections with a definite plan/goal, rather than "going with what feels right". The whole process was emotionally and physically draining, but the worst part was the talk afterwards.
She spent almost 2 hours talking about how much of a badass she was, giving herself literal pats on the back, saying how proud she was that she had raised such a devoted daughter, and she kept looking at me, waiting for me to corroborate. I agreed that we had tackled a very difficult task, agreed that she should be proud of what she did (because she should)...but I just couldn't tell her I was proud of her more than twice. I couldn't pretend that I was excited and emboldened by the work, because I was just sad and tired...there is still so much to do.
I am proud of what she did, but that day, I just couldn't stomach praising her for doing something she should have done years ago. I couldn't stand hearing her go on and on about all the work she did, when I have cried and screamed into a pillow week after week, trying to keep the entire rest of the house livable for my younger siblings. And that really scares me. I am absolutely terrified to slip up, and let out how angry I still am that she didn't seek help sooner, and that the house got to the state that it did in the first place. I am so scared to stop the very real progress we have made as a family.
I am in the process of getting real therapy, but I thought I should ask people who have experienced hoarding first hand...How do/did you let go of any lingering resentment? How do you encourage and applaud the steps a hoarder is taking, in a way that doesn't feel like you're just sweeping things under the rug?
Thank you for listening, and thank you for any advice you may have.
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2021.09.19 00:31 AllCouponFree Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021

Free Certification Course Title: Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021
Enroll Here: https://allcouponfree.com/best-ios-development-courses-on-udemy-in-2021/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.09.19 00:31 SkySchemer Paradise planet in Calypso: Ainat 23/Y2

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2021.09.19 00:31 OrcWithFork You can eat it or make friends with it.

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2021.09.19 00:31 ReadsLikeBadFiction {Angel of the Red Sun} - Chapter 10: Minuet of the Dying Heart

~2056 Anno Domini~
Solus wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. Talking to people, especially large groups, was never his strong suit. When the topic was boring or routine it was fine—people never really cared too much of what he had to say, plus it would end up being transcribed and put on the internet if they wanted to read it later. But ever since Marisa left, each address had been attended by more and more people. And each time they attended hushed, clinging to his words with greater and greater importance. That afternoon was going to be the most dreaded one yet, but he consoled himself with the understanding that the people cared about death more than they did him. That, and a shot of hooch.
He robed himself in regal attire for each address, long flowing garments adorned with decorative metal plates, a crown, and a cape. His hair and beard were combed fine and straight, a bit of oil and wax rubbed in for styling. Coffee spilled out on his breath.
To his dismay Aster was nowhere to be seen. The communications center had seen her constant labor ever since Marisa's departure, so she had little time to encourage her husband before his speech.
Solus stared into a pair of dying eyes in his desk mirror. The speech would be almost routine; the last one had been the big news that a link was established with Tyrstoll. It was great for the people then, finally they were no longer alone. Now it was just more of the same, another colony, more people, more questions.
Solus took a deep breath, letting it out through his shoulders. He raised himself carefully from his chair, and sauntered out of the castle. Citizens watched him appear from behind a makeshift stage, babbling among themselves.
A microphone in the center of the stage sprung to life at his approach. He tapped it twice, clearing his throat.
“Brothers and sisters of LaCei, I come to you today with good news. Many of you have been buzzing around since we linked up with Tyrstoll. I can tell you, it's felt good to see you all in better spirits. That's not to say there hasn't been any apprehension. My wife and I have felt your unease, rest assured. We never heard directly from Marisa once we made contact with Tyrstoll. But we knew it was only a matter of days until we would hear from her in Sophrondell. It's been a week, yes, but now I can say with much joy, that as of today we will have contact with them. Sophrondell has been reached.”
The crowd erupted into cheers of joy. A Martian Spring had swept across the colony since they made first contact with another people. Now Solus could see his people invigorate in real time. People had hope, true hope. Marisa was turning from a fool on a suicide mission, to a folk hero in their eyes. Shouts overlapped one another as people blurted questions.
“What did she say?”
“Where is she?”
“What next?”
Solus raised a flat palm, quieting the shouts back down to an energized chatter. “Unfortunately, there was an error on our end and we weren't able to connect with Sophrondell immediately. She left three days ago, and as far as we know she is on route to Dujib. She didn't leave any explicit note other than wishing us her best, but we did receive a transcript in the initial data package sent by Sophrondell. It reads:
Marisa Lacerta has made contact with Sophrondell. She has spoken to the council on matters both pertinent to us and yourselves. We would like you to know that she is in fine health as of departure. She arrived during a dust storm three days prior and her cruiser broke down roughly nine kilometers west of the colony. Our Dangerous Environment Search and Rescue Team aided her and brought both her and her cruiser back to Sophrondell. Her cruiser has been repaired and outfitted to better withstand the storms utilizing technology from our colony. She was also kind enough to let our mechanics study her cruiser and make notes on how to better our own. We should have usable cruisers for trade caravans to your colony within thirty sols. Thanks to the map data she has provided we can get to your colony in a matter of ten sols. If you have any provisions or excess agricultural equipment, we would request a trade. We haven't much, and are in desperate need of food. Upon reaching Dujib she is to deliver a similar message to their leader.
Your Marisa is an angel of these wastes. Should our colonies survive to see another generation, we shall forever be in your debt.
Signed, Rebecca Clark, Director of Communications
Solus didn't bother quieting the explosive celebration, instead talking over them with personal vigor. “By our calculations, she should reach Dujib in around two more sols. From what we know they are an isolated, fully independent colony. They haven't had any assistance from Earth in years now. We know they have livestock, a means to terraform and enough power generation for their colony. What we don't know is whether or not they'll cooperate with us. I can however, personally attest to their leadership and his character. He's a good man, one who understands the plight of an impoverished people.
“With that being said, there is one other announcement to be made. We have received news from Tyrstoll leadership that on Sol 468 Marisa will be meeting with other colony leaders in person at Tyrstoll. There will be talks of government, of forging a new system where we are not so alien to one another. I will be taking a temporary leave on Sol 460 with a caravan of cruisers that have been under intense scrutiny by Queen Aster. These cruisers, while not as powerful or durable as the Angel of the Red Sun, should be strong enough to get us there and back with ease. It is uncertain what the outcome on this meeting will be, but our hopes are of a united Mars, where people can have food, wealth, and happiness. I ask that you continue to hold on to your hope, and that you don't succumb to fear or panic. We will get through this, we are strong. Valosol.”
As he gestured for a microphone to be handed out to the press, an aide shuffled on stage. The first reporter didn't even have time to ask a question before Solus's eyes widened at the aide's whispers. Solus whispered a few questions back, receiving answers that sent his heart racing.
“I apologize,” Solus rushed, turning back to the microphone. “It seems something important has come up, and I—”
Before he could finish, a roar grew on the horizon, becoming louder with every passing moment until a mighty aerial behemoth appeared overhead. It flew over the colony, imparting a shadow onto Solus and those in the crowd for a brief moment, before passing and stopping midair on the western side of the dome. As it slowed and began its descent, the crowd grew wild. Chaos bred through the people like a plague, unable to be calmed by the words of their king alone. Gradually, the crowd dissipated, rushing to the far end of the colony with Solus hobbling behind.
Aster was in the communications tower when they picked up a transmission from an unknown aircraft. Nobody was sure what they were seeing was what they thought, and few were quick to make any decisions regarding the matter. Most of the workers turned to Aster who busied herself studying the screen, forming a judgment in her mind. Presently, she dialed one of the aides who she knew would be at the speech, told him to inform Solus that in a matter of minutes an unidentified plane would be coming from overhead. She paused, making sure he understood, then let him know it came from the east. The aide was at a loss for words when Aster thanked him abruptly and hung up the call.
To her surprise, the aircraft made its way to them in less than half the time that they thought. It appeared suddenly, shaking the air and filling it with a monstrous growl that precipitated her brow with fear. As far as she, or Solus, or anyone was aware, their colony was the farthest east civilization on Mars. Plus, none of the colonies in the Alpha Program had the resources for aircraft. Now, a plane more advanced than any she had seen before had made its way to them. It was sleek, black, like the SR-71s of the romanticized past. It had speed to rival Hermes, faster than anything else on the planet.
The plane itself had to whip around before landing, having overshot the colony during deceleration, disappearing and reappearing through the dust storm and landing on the ground just outside the garage. It touched down gently, sitting there completely still.
Aster readied herself and made way down to the garage. There was an auxiliary shaft that connected the communication center to the garage that she took, cutting out a few minutes of travel and spitting her out near the main airlock. She grabbed one of the Extra-Colonial Activity breather helmets, twisting it on her suit's collar, locking it in place. Unlike Solus and Marisa she didn't carry a sword, opting instead for a truncheon she used in combination with close-quarters-combat training she received on Earth.
As she exited the airlock she saw a person climbing out of the plane's cockpit. They moved cautiously and with uncertainty, at one point dropping themselves from the step ladder and landing on the ground with a stumble. They stood up slowly, patting down their legs, and noticed Aster standing by the door, watching them with crossed arms. The person stood up straight at the sight of her, and offered a cheerful wave, before striding over in dignified steps.
The suit of the outsider was unlike anything seen in the Orion-Alpha line. Usually, OA suits were white or shades of gray, but this was a stark black. Where there were usually pads and angles under the fabric that made the otherwise sleek design look armored, there was nothing. The stranger glided across the sands like a wisp, broken up partially by dust that swirled about. As they got close, Aster noticed the helmet was tinted a deep blue, like the midsummer sky of her childhood home.
Getting closer, the person began gesturing at random, moving their arms and hands about before stopping in place at the sight of Aster gripping her truncheon. The two stood only a dozen feet apart from one another, staring intently, unflinching.
“Hello?” The voice of the stranger belonged to a man. He spoke with a moderate accent that was hard for Aster to place.
Aster fiddled with a mechanism on the back of her wrist, switching her communication to an open channel to match the stranger. “Greetings.”
The stranger clapped his hands together with delight. “Ah good! My apologies, my communications were set to a different default. That's a bit embarrassing.” He spoke eloquently, a jaunty lilt to his voice. “As I tried saying before: hello, my name is Sami Khalil, I am the head diplomat for Ma'Khalil to the colonies of the Orion-Alpha Program.” Sami walked forward a bit and extended his hand. “It is good to see your colony still bustling.” His extended hand motioned over to the glass wall by the garage where a swarm of people had amassed on the other side. “They look healthy. That is good.”
Aster hesitated to remove her hand from the truncheon. Looking over her shoulder she noticed a growing group of people who stared at her, waiting for a reaction. “Aster,” she said, tearing her hand away from her hip, shaking the man's hand. “I'm the second in command around here. My husband is the leader and should be on his way.”
“Ah, good, good. We have much to discuss. I must say we were getting worried when we didn't get a response from any of you. We had our suspicions that when the United Nations terminated the Orion Program that they may have fried your communications.”
“You would be right. We've only recently established a link to two of the other colonies. Right now, you're the first outsider we've seen in person.”
“So they not only cut off your inter-terrestrial communications, but your inter-colonial ones too then, hmm? You know, I was told to visit Tyrstoll before any of the other colonies, but my flight path took me over your colony. I couldn't pass up the opportunity.” He looked around, admiring the parts of LaCei he could see through the dome. “I'll admit we have very little data on LaCei, I figured it wouldn't hurt to chance a visit.”
Aster eyed the man up and down. “Alright, come on inside. I regret to say that we can't fit your ship in the garage. Hopefully the storm won't wear it out too bad.”
“Ah it's just a storm,” Sami said. “My craft would need to be built pretty sparingly to take any damage from it.”
Aster pursed her lips. She took Sami through the airlock and into the garage where a mass of people stood back, held in place by their own intrigue. Among them, Solus presented himself with a more than curious expression.
It took thirty minutes, some stealth, and a lot of crowd control on the guards' part for Solus and Sami to make their way to the castle on the other side of the colony. The crowd of people—which only grew with time—was hesitant to let the stranger by without extensive questioning.
Some of the First-Martianers looked at Sami with awe. They had never seen a man with such dark skin before in person. They had seen different races in the media they consumed from the data packages, but never in real life. Some of the older citizens who came from Earth had vulgar and distasteful things to say about the man, their complaints flittering away in the air as their juniors ignored them. Everyone, however, was adamant in seeing the man, asking questions, getting answers. Instead, Aster stopped them and gave an address herself with the information she had been given. She instructed a personnel to bring the two to the castle while another group of guards hesitantly held back the mass of civilians. Once it was clear that nobody was getting an easy way through to the stranger or the king, they shuffled about into a circle while Aster spoke.
People grumbled to themselves in dissatisfaction from the lack of information given. As quickly as they massed together, they disbanded, letting Aster sigh in relief and saunter down the road back to the castle.
Solus opened the door to his office. The walls were painted a soft green, with a light trim that lent a Terran coziness to the room. A round wooden table stood against the far corner near a window that looked out over the Hydraotes Chaos. Solus gestured to a leather chair beside the table for Sami to sit in, and followed suit himself..
“Care for a drink?” Solus asked, pulling a bottle of grain alcohol from a secret compartment in the wall.
Sami chuckled to himself. “Sure, I could use something to soothe the troubles.”
A pair of glasses followed the bottle out of the compartment, each filling up a third of the way with clear pungent fluid. “Troubles, eh? May I lend an ear?”
“Ah it's nothing,” Sami said, bringing the glass up to his mouth. The odor caused his hand to jerk away and his throat to sputter, with water pooling in his eyes. “This is—”
“Moonshine, essentially.” Solus shrugged, bracing himself before taking the initial drink. “In a perfect world we'd have the resources or knowledge to make some damn rum.”
Sami took a drink, shaking off a chill that ran down his spine. “Makes me homesick for beer.” He took another drink, cautiously, gulping it down without a scene. “But my troubles are little. At least, in comparison to yours. I just need to decompress after flying that aircraft is all.”
Solus leaned in across the table. “So tell me, what are you doing here? Where did you come from? Do you know anything about Earth? I have so many questions.”
Sami sipped the liquor, composing his thoughts. “Well,” he said at length. “I've been told you haven't any contact with any of the other Alpha Colonies, is that right?”
Solus's face dropped. “That's right. We sent a diplomat to the other colonies. She's in the process of fixing our communications.”
“Oh? That's wonderful, how many colonies has she visited?”
“She should be near the third colony as we speak. She's already established a link with Tyrstoll and Sophrondell.” Solus looked up at Sami. Indistinct sections of his face twitched as his composure wavered.
“Ah, that's great, no? Soon all the Alpha Colonies will be in communication together.” Sami smiled, wishing to raise the king's mood. “You don't seem so enthused.”
“The diplomat is my daughter.” Solus grumbled, taking a hearty quaff of his poison. “We sent her out on a cruiser. It's been a few weeks already.”
Sami clasped his hands close to his chest. “I understand, you have a father's worry.”
Solus's mouth contorted into a scowl. Keeping his head cast down towards the table he asked with a tone of resentment: “Tell me, did I send my daughter out into the wastes for nothing? If you're a diplomat coming to sync up communications, did we only need to wait? Where did you even come from? I don't understand.”
“Ah, ah, it's alright, you couldn't have known. In actuality, it's the mark of a good leader to make necessary sacrifices in the face of—”
Solus slammed his fist on the table. “I sent my daughter out there! Leadership be damned!” His face almost broke, the air in his lungs darting out ragged with fury. In an instant he was shattered—if for the moment—leaning back in his seat as the booze loosened his composure. “What is leadership, if I've failed as a father?”
Sami leaned back in his seat, gazing wide-eyed at the king, watching him throw himself to the hounds of grief. Presently, the king's face had turned a bright red and his breathing became long and controlled, quivering ever so subtly. It seemed the situation had been weighing on him for some time, evident by his rough complexion.
“I am sorry,” Sami said sullenly. “I would go out and help her, but my aircraft has experienced some internal damage, it is the truth of why I stopped here instead of Tyrstoll, though I'm ashamed to have been unable to make the confession to your wife. It will take some time to fix I fear, but afterward I can meet up with your daughter if you would like.”
Solus spoke with his head in his hands. “It's fine. Just tell me where the hell you're from.”
“Well, as you know, my name is Sami Khalil. I'm from a royal family known as House Khalil. We are the financial and political leaders of the Orion-Omega Program.”
“Orion-Omega? But that project was scrapped.”
“Yes, it was. All the 'developed' nations of Earth received funding from the United Nations, so they were the ones to be sent on the Alpha Program to colonize Mars. People tend to forget however, that a lot of other countries were a part of the Orion Program, so once it all fell through the cracks there were naturally several upset governments. As the threat of destruction loomed overhead all across the world, the countries that had been stifled by the United Nations banded together to restart the Orion-Omega Program, and so here we are. From the Arabia Terra to the Terra Cimmeria we have seven colonies, each sponsored by the Trans-African Aerospace Coalition.
“There were other, non-TAAC countries who began their colonization efforts sure, but because House Khalil has so much wealth, they were able to revive the Omega Program and secure the rights to martian colonization for TAAC specific countries. The other countries that were barred from the Omega Program were given the rights to build mega-stations out in space. I believe Japan and Greece were building their own stations, and India managed to secure the rights to a Jupiter colony. The paperwork is mostly covered in black ink though, so I don't have much information on it. I know Argentina was to join the United Nations efforts on Venus, but—”
Sami stopped himself, fidgeting with his hands and taking another sip of his drink. A nervousness overtook him and his eyes darted around the room until they landed back on Solus who was staring at him expectantly. “Did—do you... The Orion-Alpha Program had satellites for contact with Venus right? Have you received any word from them at all?”
“No.” Solus shook his head slowly. “We only ever got information on the Venutian relayed through Earth's comms. Before they went dark they stopped giving us updates on it, stopped answering our questions. What's been happening with it?”
Sami rubbed at his chin, his muscles twitching nervously. “I was hoping you would know. The Alpha Program was our last hope in finding out.”
“Why didn't you just send someone out to Venus? You clearly had the resources to send people here.”
“Well you see, it was Argentina leading up the Venutian side of the Program. They were going to join Germany, Austria, and Hungary, but... Well, they were scared.”
“I don't blame them. Nobody else was exactly eager to find out what happened.”
“I don't understand,” Solus set his empty glass down on the table, refilling it slowly. “What happened on Venus?”
“Nobody knows. Everything was fine until the messages started coming in scrambled. We told them to fix their comms, but they assured us everything was working fine on their end. Then one day they sounded panicked. Fewer and fewer words were intelligible through the static, but they kept assuring Earth that everything was fine. The panic grew over the course of a week, and then... It all just stopped. There was a week of no contact, and then the last message sent...” Sami looked to have seen death incarnate. “It was... not inhuman. No. But... adjacent. Nobody understood when it happened, there have been numerous conspiracies but everyone's been too afraid to check. That was maybe a month before Earth cut its communication with Mars.”
An uncertain sense of dread formed a lump in Solus' throat. “The last message, what did it say?”
“It was one word, as if spoken through man and machine: Zaozoruzhna.”
Solus was silent for a moment. “What the hell does that mean?”
“Nobody knows.”
The men were silent for sometime, digesting the information.
“Earth,” Solus said presently. “What happened to Earth. Why did it go dark?”
A pained smile left Sami's face, followed by a saddening chuckle. “What didn't happen? When you think about it, it happened so fast it's hard to remember it all.”
“Sami, please. My people, they need to know. I need to know.”
The ensuing silence was cut short by a prolonged sigh. Sami leaned forward on the table, bracing himself against his elbows. “If you want to know, then I'll tell you. But nothing about it is pretty. Earth 'went dark' as you say out of hubris. As I'm sure you're aware, the United States and China were poised to enter a nuclear war with one another. In America, the eastern seaboard is a radioactive wasteland, and the entirety of Eastern China is the same. Both Washington D.C. And Beijing have been reduced to rubble. All the countries that claimed they were 'allies' with either America or China backed out before the bombs fell, and saved themselves from holocaust, but tensions around the world had been rising at that point for all manner of reasons.
“Years before the war, most of the Chinese workforce had managed to flee the country. Those that remained died in the wartime manufacturing camps, a similar fate to their American counterpart. Before any bombs fell, China's economy caved in on itself, which sent a rippling effect across the world. Many countries ended up in recession. Because of that, many countries reverted back to using fossil fuels and coal to supplement their alternative fuel sources. You're familiar with how close we got in the late twenties to irreversible climate change, yes?”
Solus nodded. It had been the primary factor for the Alpha Program. Most of the countries had set aside their differences to ensure that humanity would be able to live on in the stars. In retrospect they hadn't done a very good job, but he didn't have anybody to complain to but himself.
“Well, with the sudden upsurge of pollutants, coupled with a rise in authoritarianism that put profits over well-being, we managed to revert our progress back to what it was in the twenties in a matter of years. Just a few more months of exponentially increasing production worldwide, and we began seeing a complete desertification of Central America and Northern Africa. People have come to affectionately refer to it as 'The Belt.' The whole area is uninhabitable.
“There were also natural disasters that all hit within a short timeframe of one another. Australia wound up with an unprecedentedly large bushfire that killed off around a third of their population. Much of the southern United States, along with Italy, Greece, and several other European and southeast Asian countries wound up underwater. Rising temperatures melted northern glaciers you see, but also released ancient viruses that had lain dormant within the permafrost. So naturally, Canada and Russia fell to a plague which then spread across the world, crippling the global economies even more.”
“Oh?” Sami snapped out of his retrospection. “You look surprised, surely as leader you were briefed on all this before Earth cut its communications, no?”
Solus shook his head.
“I see.” Sami stroked his chin. “Then let me continue. The same year this all happened also managed to be a year for locust swarms. As I mentioned, North Africa had become victim to desertification so bad, that most people fled south to the more habitable countries. Because of this, the swarm moved north into Europe and Asia, ransacking the food supply and causing famine. All this strife is what led to tensions flaring as high as they did and the nukes being launched. Nobody was really thinking at that point—at least, I doubt they were—and the whole global economy just sort of sunk.
“Now, all the countries I mentioned that were a part of the Orion-Omega Program? We witnessed the world entering an age of strife and pooled all the money and resources we had before the plague, disasters, and depressions showed up, and got a heavy majority of each country's populace off the Earth. Even India managed to move a few million people. It's a shame though, most of the people who left India were men. Now they're expecting a drastic population decline on both Earth and their Jovian colony.
“We were lucky in Africa, we had been mostly untouched. As countries began to decline and come to ruin, most of their scientists and engineers made their way to us, the one safe place left on Earth. Eventually, we opened the gates to refugees with notable skills, although we had to bar thousands—upwards of millions—of people from entering. It was sad, but we had finally come together as a continent, with capable leaders ruling the countries, and we couldn't risk a massive refugee crisis to disturb that.
“But yes, to answer your question, that is the brief overview of why Earth has cut its communications. You must forgive me, it's hard to remember everything that has happened in the last few years, but we have all the information archived in Ma'Khalil, and will be able to share it with you once our communication systems are connected.”
Solus sat pale as a ghost in his chair. Everything he had heard was somehow far worse than he could have ever expected. All the countries on Earth were in ruin. His heart ached, a throbbing pang of sorrow beat at the back of his skull. The lump in his throat had only increased in size and made it impossible to squeeze any words out.
“You know, Your Majesty,” Sami muttered. “If I may be perfectly candid with you?” He looked at Solus, who stared back with deadened eyes. Sami took his silence as approval. “The Ma'Khalil government—well, we have a very good information network that we carried over from Africa. And as it turns out, an acquaintance of yours had made his way some decades ago to our shores and earned himself a government job.”
The expression on Solus' face turned grim. Slowly he straightened out his back and forgot about his grief for the moment, gripping the pommel of his sword tight.
“From your expression, I can assume you know where this is headed. While we are keeping it one-hundred percent confidential within the government, we do know, and I was briefed on your Terran identity before leaving on this mission.”
“What do you intend to do with the information?” Solus growled. He was ready to cut his guest down in an instant, with no thoughts as to the ramifications.
“Nothing, Your Majesty,” Sami said with a smile. “It's just, ah, I was wary to tell you the state of your country should you not want to hear it.”
“America is my country.”
“You know what I mean.”
Emotions clashed in his mind, racking his body with uncertainty. Seeds of doubt had been sewn towards the man, and he wanted to believe that the words Sami spoke were false. It was too sweet a fruit, such ignorance, not to be picked, yet he relented, accepting his grim words as truth. Regardless of the states of America, Russia, and France, he feared the truth of his home above all. It was a section of his life he had tried to forget, to ensure the safety of his family and his people. But he could never forget, try as he might. Nobody could ever truly forget their home.
After deliberating to himself for what felt like eternity, he looked up at Sami's pained eyes. “Tell me. Please. What happened?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.”Sami collected himself, inhaled deep. “After the bombs fell on America, it triggered an earthquake.”
Knots twisted up inside Solus' stomach such that he felt the need to vomit. His nerves were shooting through his body at breakneck speed, sweat coating his back and underarms in thick layers. It was almost hard to hear the man speak over the sound of his screaming heart.
“Tsunami.” Solus croaked.
“The Big One, as they called it.”
“The President, did he..?”
“From what I heard, he was giving a speech in the capital when the bombs fell. He was reassuring a scared people that the bombs wouldn't touch their borders. His body was found in the rubble of the city square, they suspect he died before the tsunami even hit, crushed from the quake.”
Solus stared past Sami. Tears streamed down his face where neither expression nor emotion deemed itself courageous enough to show. Sami tried to get his attention, calling out his name, shaking his shoulder, but he looked on. It was as if a half of his heart, long forgotten and stored away, was suddenly let out and wailed in its glorious reverberations, the maddening minuet of its death throes.
At length, Solus came back to his senses. Sami was there, kneeling next to him, checking him for signs of shock. “Your Majesty, I—”
“Is what you said true?” He stared ahead, speaking gravely.
Sami paused, searching for words of comfort. “I'm sorry.”
Solus nodded to himself. “Thank you for telling me. There is a room for diplomats in the northwestern tower of the building. You may use that to sleep.” He took a long drink from his glass. “I need to be by myself for a time.”
“I understand.” Sami stood up, slowly made his way out of the room. He closed the door behind him as gently as he could and walked down the hall toward its end. As he rounded a corridor he heard a soft wail within the walls, growing fiercer by the second until every hall echoed with the cries of a dying heart.
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2021.09.19 00:31 pearlofwine Is it a bad idea to flirt?

I'm going for coffee with a girl I met in college and my intention was to go as friends, we didn't specifically say as friends or as a date but my intention is just friends. She is hot though so I'm not opposed to it developing if it does into something more.
The thing is, is it a bad idea to super casually flirt with a girl who you just wanna be friends with? I mean I wanted to make a joke about her being like a hot jack sparrow coz she has beads in her hair. Trust me its funnier than it sounds 😅 but either way I'm not sure if this is a line I shouldn't cross, would directly calling her hot in a joke which is how I'd normally flirt blurring a line or is it just showing her that I'm not just a friend zone guy but a potential fuckable friend.
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