Roslindale font download with @font-face styles

2021.09.19 01:10 ctwstudios Roslindale font download with @font-face styles

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2021.09.19 01:10 MrSodie79 All these suck but I think cheaters are probably the worst

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2021.09.19 01:10 WayneHrPr Big ol batch outta the temper oven! Had to finish one up today since it was a gift.

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2021.09.19 01:10 Historical-Elk863 Does anyone knows of at home ipl helps with keratosis pilaris?

My keratosis vanishes in the summer but it's really bad during winter and it already started to Flair up. Does anyone know if at home ipl helps? I really need a solution since i have it literally everywhere on my body. Any advice would help. Thank you :)
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2021.09.19 01:10 sunny98tunes [For Hire] A Verified Writer (Quality and Originality is key)

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2021.09.19 01:10 feelinwitchy28 My sweet girl, Licorice

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2021.09.19 01:10 Yodaddypapi Desi guys do you guys sag your pants?

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2021.09.19 01:10 Skillsacee Another relpase...

I have nothing to say other than that this addiction is ruining my life.
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2021.09.19 01:10 UsualZealousideal785 [20XX Latest Training Build Help] - Does anyone have a link or resource telling me the alt. Zelda skins?

I wish there was an option to make the Tri-Page CSS show Zelda instead of Sheik.
Been learning Zelda, and am a fan of skins. If you know a way to see them all so I'm not guessing what is what, I'd love you for good!
Thank you!
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2021.09.19 01:10 Trick-Ad-1415 Can anyone help me identify this artist playing at the container park at 7 PM on Friday

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2021.09.19 01:10 Scienlologist Just rewatching the movie Heat and caught this.

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2021.09.19 01:10 ThatDemiGuy Fixing Broken "Terminal" On Button Wires

Hi fightsticks!
I picked up a used Mayflash F500 V2 from Amazon for a bargain price. I think that it was a bargain because it had some issues and the last user failed to fix them.
Specifically when it arrived the wires were randomly mixed up to all different buttons. Easy enough to fix. But one wire was snapped off at the metal "terminal", and it renders the button unreliable. I was wondering if there were any good ways to repair such a little break without buying the equipment to solder or paying shipping for more wire connectors.
As a side note, even just doing that tiny fix was really satisfying and made me really want to upgrade the stick in the future. Hopefully!
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2021.09.19 01:10 Dingdongdlck Raise your hand if you like vipers! βœ‹πŸ»

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2021.09.19 01:10 obamayourmama420 [XB1]h:Q/FFr railway gun w:ultracite plasma cores

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2021.09.19 01:10 MMaalouf108140 Season 5 Episode 37 The Box Prince

My wife and I are watching through Adventure Time for the first time together. And we recently watched an episode where a cat in a box was tossed by a storm in front of Finn and Jake's tree house. Finn communicates with the cat thinking the cat is a prince and wants to reclaim his place in The Box Kingdom. However, during the climax of the episode the "kingdom" erupts in bedlam where the cats are fighting each other. At the end Finn looks around the area and asks "Is this even a kingdom"? My wife came up with the theory that the cats formed a society of those abandoned in boxes in the forest. I was curious what do you all think about it?
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2021.09.19 01:10 LouderLouder Blair Wang - Mark

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2021.09.19 01:10 SamG31234 Conductor or Electrician? 18yr/old asking for advice!

Hey I'm a 18 year old who just graduated high school in July. I was really wanting to become a conductor because of the pay but I fear that it may be difficult finding a job or I may get layed off if I do get a job. I will have to go to Sait to do the Conductor course which will allow me to be hired by either CN or CP. I know the course is pointless because the railways offer their own training but I'm only 18 and bring no railway/heavy machinery experience to the table. I have been working as a cashier at a gas station since I was 16, filling propane tanks is about the most dangerous thing I do. I can't decide between going to SAIT and trying to become a conductor or just try becoming an electrician right now and forget the railway. I know a lot of people are saying to never look towards the rail but I don't mind a work invested life. I don't mind the hours away from work and how bad management wants you to screw up. It's worth it for the pay in terms of my current life situation. Some advice would be greatly appreciated, I have posted in this group before but I still am very lost. Thank you all for your time.
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2021.09.19 01:10 svanapps r/ethereum - Spotted in Austin, makes sense.

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2021.09.19 01:10 supersucccc [US-TX] [W] Pre Vizsla Minifigure, or set [H] PayPal

I know it’s a pricey figure but if anyone out there has an extra or a discount, shoot me a PM
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2021.09.19 01:10 tmkang First time foraging, philadelphia

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2021.09.19 01:10 EeveeMakesHats these silly cats what do they think they are doing???

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2021.09.19 01:10 MissDPostsArt How to fix holes in mesh?

So I started learning how to use Blender, I did the usual donut tutorial and will continue to work on tutorials to learn more about the system. I picked this up to learn 3d character modeling and posing as I enjoy pin-up style nsfw art and would like to create some. I'm well aware that there's plenty for me to learn beyond just modeling, even if I "cheat" my way to a character model like MakeHuman giving me a character with a rig, or these downloaded models already having models/rigs/textures I still gotta learn to make clothes for those characters, or be able to adjust clothes after editing a character.
I imported some models from video games that I like and started playing around with them. Some of them are saved as MMD (MikuMikuDance) and others are .FBXs. Trying to sculpt them and change the models leads to these holes in the mesh that I'm unsure what is causing it. I've already posed them and had no issues before.
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2021.09.19 01:10 Remote-Scheme5432 Hey I have 2 questions regarding the law of attraction. Could yall help?

My friend asked me an interesting question about the law of attraction so I wanted to ask you all.

  1. What is the biggest problem do y'all have when it comes to the law of attraction?
  2. If you did master the law of attraction.. What would be the one thing that you would use it to improve about yourself or your life?
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2021.09.19 01:10 tachibanakanade [S] Chick tract collection

This isn't the full collection of Chick tracts, but there are a lot of them. If anyone has more, lmk and I'll add them to this collection.
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2021.09.19 01:10 CrimsonFox100 Would you consider yourself religious?

And if you are religious, how does it shape or affect your views on abortion (if it does)?
View Poll
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