The speed these judges can drive to conclusions, they should get licenses and wear helmets.

The file words.txt (in the code directory) contains a list of English words, with one word on each line. You will look up words in this list to check whether they are correctly spelled. To make the list easy to use, you can store the words in a set. Since there is no need to have the words stored in order, you can use a HashSet for maximum ... A. they always believe that their situation is serious B. they are interested in knowing what they should do C. they only want to know what is wrong with them D. they usually have a family member ... Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) New Movie Trailers We’re Excited About; Sustainable Celebs We Stan: Millie Bobby Brown Reply from Dr. Mercola's team acknowledging and thanking you for your Covid polls. Entire world knows that in these negative times they will get the Truth and Solutions ONLY from Captain Ajit Vadakayil.-----From: CS 1030 To: Swapnil Panchal Sent: Monday, 13 September, 2021, 07:47:15 pm IST SECTION 56-5-910. Approval by Department of Transportation of stop signs or traffic-control signals placed by local authorities. No local authority shall erect or maintain any stop sign or traffic-control signal at any location so as to require the traffic on any state highway to stop before entering or crossing any intersecting highway unless approval in writing has first been obtained from ... For example, some believe that motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets risk serious injury and also raise the cost of health care for all of us, but others think that wearing a helmet—or not—should be a personal choice; you would have to present arguments to convince your readers that not wearing a helmet is indeed a problem needing a ...

2021.10.24 03:39 DarkJester89 The speed these judges can drive to conclusions, they should get licenses and wear helmets.

The speed these judges can drive to conclusions, they should get licenses and wear helmets.
"Please be quiet"
"Uh, what did you just ask me, what did I doing wrong"
"That's race baiting"
"Wait what? How?"
"Get back, she's got a gun!"
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2021.10.24 03:39 PephyBoi Ash's Secret Catching Method

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2021.10.24 03:39 hlodowigchile 【ORIGINAL SONG】Wish of this Songbird・鳥の願い【NIJISANJI EN | Enna Alouette】

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2021.10.24 03:39 ampxboii I just got banned from the game and I dont even know why so is there any way to get unbanned cuz thats the only account i had ever progressed so much in ;-;

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2021.10.24 03:39 PowerWordYoink I finished painting my first ever team! Still yet to base them, but wanted to share.

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2021.10.24 03:39 IncreaseVirtual5389 🐕 FOREVER SHIBA 🐕 | Stealth Launched | 350K MC | Moonarch Ads, Coinsniper Ads, Facebook Promo, Coinmooner | Most Diamond Handed Community | Low market cap Gem with $SHIB rewards! 🔥

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2021.10.24 03:39 OfficialCoronavirusW I built a mosque because it's weekend

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2021.10.24 03:39 QFortr Looking for roommate for Apartment Sharing.

Title says it all! We can look for a place around Manila.
Preferably around U Belt or Quezon City area.
I am currently working from home.
About me:

About you:
Move in date next month (November 2021)
Message me!
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2021.10.24 03:39 StuckInFantasy Homebrewed Bard Subclass: College of Time

"Travelling the world and telling tales of past and future. Wise to inform how to prevent the past repeating, but dangerous to mess with fate" The bards of time indulge themselves into what they can see in the future or past, even if it is for a glimpse moment, and share their tales upon it in songs or riddles. However, their songs of futures are mostly accurate, and thus are often perceived as fortune tellers. They travel the land to bring songs and memory of what will come in fate, and to retell stories of exciting or tragic pasts, and bring across the prophecies in song.
Ageless Spirit
3rd-level College of Time feature You gain proficiency in History, or expertise if you are already proficient in it You can recall anything accurately that you have seen or heard within the last 24 hours
Additionally, you are able to use an action to restore time within yourself or another creature of your choice that you touch. You immediately benefit from the effects of a short rest, allowing you to use hit die and regain features. This can only be used twice per long rest.
Foreseeing Fate
3rd-level College of Time feature You can roll two bardic inspiration die (without expending it) when you finish your long rest, and when you do so, record those rolls. You can add or subtract any attack, skills or saving throw rolls from a creature that you can see with the bardic inspiration roll that is recorded
This must be done before the roll. You regain all uses after a long rest, and ones that have not been expended are lost.
You gain another Bardic Inspiration roll for this feature at level 6.
Time Freeze
6th-level College of Time feature As a bonus action, you can temporarily freeze time. Until the start of your next turn time stops, affecting creatures and objects, but you are able to move. All creatures but you are unable to move or speak, meaning they cant use an action, reaction or bonus action, and objects are frozen in place. If you use any ranged attacks or effects that targets a saving throw, it is delayed until the end of the time freeze, reaching the target at the start of your next turn.
The time freeze lasts until the start of your next turn (so six seconds). It also ends earlier if you move 500 ft away from the location you casted it. This can only be used once per long rest
Tune of Recall
14th-level College of Time feature You gain the power to revert the effects of time with your music. Using an action, you can target a creature 60ft from you, or yourself, and reverse all damage, effects, expended spell slots or features and conditions on them to the start of the previous turn. They restore all hitpoints they lost after the start of the previous turn, and are teleported back to where they were, including the items on the target.
The spell slots regained can only be those that are level 5 or below.
This feature does not return any lost/used/consumed items and does not reverse the damage the target dealt to other creatures. It additionally does not work on dead targets
This can only be used once per long rest.

I am pretty happy about this homebrewed Bard subclass, I really like it thematically, but was unsure on it mechanically. I tried to compare it to other Bard subclasses, and this is what I came up with.
Ageless Spirit is just a ribbon, but the feature of benefiting a short rest on you or someone is pretty thematic to me. I limited to two uses per long rest because I thought it might be too good if a whole party were to benefit from this
Foreseeing fate is basically an inspiration from Divination Wizard. But the d20 are replaced with Bardic Inspiration rolls. It doesnt expend any uses of the bardic inspiration die, and is potentially better than normal bardic inspiration rolls because you know what the dice roll is. It's definitely not as good as the Divination Wizard d20s, but I didnt want an exact replicate. You get another use pretty early as well, at level 6, and didnt add another one for level 14.
Time Freeze was unintentionally inspired from Time Stop. Time Stop is a spell that allows you to freeze time for a minimum of 2 turns, to a max of 5 turns. It is also a level 9 spell. So I tried to make this feature as appropriate as possible to the level, limiting it to 1 turn. So essentially, this just allows an extra attack or spell use, or an easy getaway. Keep in mind, spells with DC or ranged attack/spells only attacks the target when the Time Freeze stops, think of it as shooting an arrow but it freezes midair.
Tune of Recall is basically reversing any effects, damage or spell usage on a person. I was quite unsure with this, because it may seem underwhelming if it is going to affect a fighter who took some damage, but potentially really good if someone used a level 9 spell during the previous turn. So it was nerfed to be level 5 or below spell slots.
Hope you'll enjoyed this subclass concept, I have honestly never played Bard so I wasnt too sure on what features may be too good. Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedbacks :)
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2021.10.24 03:39 DCPlaysgames Steam regional pricing is insane

Steam regional pricing is insane Most of you probably knew what Steam regional pricing is. If you don't to put its short Steam offer different price depends on the region you are living in so some may have higher price some may have lower price. (Picture below shows Forza Horizon 5 price on different regions) Source
Forza Horizon 5 price on different regions (Source)
In my case I'm living in Vietnam so Steam does offer me a lower price for Horizon 5 990,000 vnd ($43.55) for the Standard edition 1,250,000 vnd ($54,99) for the Deluxe edition 1,650,000 vnd ($72,58) for the Premium edition
Forza Horizon 5 Pricing in VN region
Plus there's a thing called "buy game via gift" in where I live. I don't know if this is a thing other regions. Basic a dude with tons of wallet value can just buy and gift the game to you in exchange for real money to be transfer back to his bank account. Normally the price is about 0.8x of the original Steam price in where I live. So I went and bought the Premium edition for just 1650k x 0.8 = 1320k vnd ($58.07), which is cheaper than the Standard edition ($59,99) should you buy it from Microsoft Store. Getting a Premium edition for cheaper than the Standard, now that's is just insane.
The transfer transaction (Literally paid $58.07 for the Premium)
My whole point of writing this post is just for show that the Steam version is just a way better alternative for those folks who's are on a tight budget and might live in a region that steam offer a cheaper price. Yes the Steam version wont support cross-save but you still can cross-play with those folks whos are on the MS Store and Xbox, this is a reasonable compromise if you ask me. Steam will also has 5/11 early access and preload for Premium orders and the same update as the the MS Store version so you wont be missing out much.
That's it. Sorry for my bad at English, I hope you all doing great. Stay safe and see you all in México
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2021.10.24 03:39 pine_cupboard A per day salary breakdown, for perspective.

We all know professional athletes are paid handsomely for their contributions to their teams, usually fairly. Most Leafs fans, I think are pretty normal with a simple routine of working hard to provide themselves and/or their families with a happy, modest lifestyle.
However, when we're looking at the multi-millions our favourite players are making, the dollars are not easy to fully grasp when annualized over many years.
In light of the collapse against the Pens, the collapse against the Habs last playoffs, in light of the continued lessons not learned, year after year after year, I'd like to break down the daily earnings of our stars. My point in doing this is to bring their massive earnings down to our normal level of understanding. To really highlight the massive fuckery disrespect going on with the Leafs attitude when compared to a daily number we all understand. To be clear, I'm not complaining about the contracts, but the lack of work ethic we can all see, especially when we compare how hard us folks work on a daily basis only to see flaming dumpster fire on ice at the end of our days.
Here are their per day salaries (off quick, rough google searches)
Matthews- $31 890/per day
Marner- $29 871/per day
Tavares- $30 136/per day
Spezza- $1 917
Nylander- $6 849
Campbell- $4 520
I'm not sure if I have a point other than how easy it is to let the annual salaries gloss over in our minds. When put on a pay per day basis it's easier to see the players effort, or lack their of.
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2021.10.24 03:39 InternAccomplished93 Let The Fomo Begin🚀🤑Floki Fomo🐕‍🦺 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in Crypto! Join the Family!

Let The Fomo Begin🚀🤑Floki Fomo🐕‍🦺 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Join the next big thing in Crypto!
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Our Tokenomics will feature the following:
Self-Sustaining Liquidity generation:- All Floki Fomo transactions will contribute 7% to Liquidity ensuring price stability, sustainability, and security to all traders. This contribution ensures that Floki Fomo is sustainable and scales as the community grows. Asset holders can also provide additional liquidity and earn interest as our market cap grows.
Decentralization:- Contract Ownership was renounced at launch, as a result no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, adding security and fairness for our community and making our token decentralized. The Smart-Contract was tested rigorously using the test-net prior to launch to ensure security, efficiency and scalability.
Fomotion NFT Marketplace, Casino and Sweepstakes! :- Our Fomotion NFT Marketplace and its offerings are in development! We are partnering with amazing Digital Artists & Influencers, to have an amazing and stacked line-up of NFT releases at launch. Fomotion NFT Marketplace will also feature a community lottery, Sweepstakes, & exclusive Giveaways.
Fomo Marketing:- 3% of Floki Fomo transactions will be contributed to our community marketing fund, 100% of this fund will be used for the Marketing and Advertising of our token. This will ensure that we have the capital necessary to fund our massive marketing campaign that will catapult Floki Fomo to the very top of the DeFi and NFT sphere!
Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Let The Fomo Begin🚀
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2021.10.24 03:38 violetprimrose2 What does it mean when a spirit asks you this ?

I’m new to Reddit so I’m not really sure how it works but I need advice , I’ve always been a little been psychic and a baby medium ever since I was little now I am riddled in aniexity but I have been abled to connect with my passed away family members and others and they tell me things no way I could of possibly knew if it wasn’t them, and the conversation is always so peaceful and wholesome and I’ve had conversations with Atleast five passed loved ones throughout the years why do they ask me can I borrow your body ? What does that even mean ? Possession ? Does it have a differnt meaning ? I always decline it and say no you can’t do that this is my body. Someone please help me is it just an anexity thought that happens because I’m not good at handling the information given to me by the spirits ? It’s happened with several family members I’ve communicated with
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2021.10.24 03:38 Resort_Upset im tired

i can't explain how much i wish just one person in my life actually cared about me
my family goes out tomorrow and im thinking of hanging myself or overdosing i think itll be a great surprise to come home to
i really try so hard and it never gets me anywhere so what the fuck is the point? i know its a cliche but this universe really is out to get me, you'd think for someone to try THIS hard that at least they'd get one good thing out of it but no haha
nyways ill just make everyone happy and then i wont have to feel any of this anymore so i think its a win win situation
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2021.10.24 03:38 Carguysnotfound when he gets a punch in they all take action

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2021.10.24 03:38 CephalopodOverlord PSA for all you discord users

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2021.10.24 03:38 kaf23211 Can someone fix the left side of the suit in the picture so it doesn’t look like things are in the pocket?

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2021.10.24 03:38 hmmvsc brainfried, cant think of a title

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2021.10.24 03:38 evebug [WTS] [USA-PA] [H] Schiit Modi 2 DAC [W] Cashapp/Venmo, Local Cash, $75

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2021.10.24 03:38 W-H-YisgoodIguess Rate my holiday attire

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2021.10.24 03:38 Prometheus-82 What will happen at a deceased person’s funeral if his favourite song is a happy song?

At funerals, when the dead person’s favourite song is played, what will happen if the song happens to be a funny, light hearted, or all-around happy song? Will it not be played because it will be out of mood, or will it be played to honour him/her but not being ideal or ideal for a funeral?
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2021.10.24 03:38 Zude21 Jmd Lust über deutsche Youtuberinnen zu schreiben?

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2021.10.24 03:38 MacandSarah Hey travelers! Our latest Hebridean road trip vlog is live, check out the unique Uists!

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2021.10.24 03:38 ThatOneCrowbar How to foreshorten effectively? The arms looks more like a stump than foreshortened

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2021.10.24 03:38 FlySo7o Genshin Impact Yunjin: Skills, Leaked Images, Date, and More

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