If I joined someone's unofficial server could they see my ip

2021.10.24 03:10 xeriani If I joined someone's unofficial server could they see my ip

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2021.10.24 03:10 Fahim_MH I waited so long for Beach Time Mortis too (Meme Idea from my friend SUPER)

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2021.10.24 03:10 Fluffy_Philosopher48 Guys of reddit, what do you look for in girls?

I saw someone ask a similar question to girls about guys, and I realised I have no clue what guys actually look for in girls, so I thought I`d ask!
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2021.10.24 03:10 gay_witch200 How to insert a tampon for beginners (not gendered) 🙂👍

Hi I'm a beginner (they them)menstruater and today I put in a tampon for the first time so for other beginners here's how :). 1. Relax (or be horny either works) Your body becomes tense when your stressed so your best bet is to relax maybe watch a YouTube video or something if you need to it makes you not as closed and it makes it a more positive experience. You can also turn yourself on because for people with vulvas/vaginas when your h0rny you become looser down there so if your ok with that it's a good option to 2. Get your tampon ready so another thing I recommend highly is putting some form of gel or more solid lubricant I uses coconut oil but I recommend Vaseline best and (make sure whatever your using won't throw off your ph or harm your vagina) using a lunricant helps getting it in there alot👍(put it on the top not the whole thing cos you'd end up taking out the whole tampon) 3. Line up the applicator to your vagina and if you want to make it easier put the tip of the applicator inside and then you simply push the rod thingy at the end and boom congrats you've inserted a tampon!🥳 if it's inserted correctly you shouldn't feel a thing and happily contained your day. Good luck fellow mensturators🙂
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2021.10.24 03:10 Chaos_dh This is my current set up…I want those subs but I’m not sure what amp I need…plz help

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2021.10.24 03:10 Mmorris333 Tired of covid

I am ready for this pandemic to end. But it has shown me a lot about people. So few people can see the bigger picture. Humanity, looking out for each other, is so much more important than your “right” to not wear a mask or get a vaccine. Sure, it sucks when it feels like others are telling you what to do. But what I don’t understand is how some people don‘t feel the DESIRE to protect one another. Where is the perspective?
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2021.10.24 03:10 wisi_eu (photo de francophonie) « Colorado provençal », Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

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2021.10.24 03:10 El_HP99 What If..¿

All the other planets were once God's experimentation, and there were actually interstellar travel between planets via Stonehenge, Pyramid etc. on Earth and the universe was once filled with life. But one day God decided that one planet is enough and so wiped out all traces of life on the other planets and settled with Earth alone. If we read some holy scriptures, we know that God can wiped out cities without any traces of it ever existed like Sodom and Gomorrah, and Atlantis to a certain extent.
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2021.10.24 03:10 Monustor Am I a jelly jealous sandwich

i have been watching a lot of romantic stuff happening around my school, and I can’t lie if I said that it isn’t one of the cutest things I ever seen. I have been sitting near my friends and their dates for bout a month now, I just sit and stare smiling. They think that there is something wrong with me but I keep telling them that I love watching romantic stuff, until one day, my friends took me to a therapist (which was pretty nice) and I was confused of what was goin on. He kept asking me if I am sad which was pretty creepy to say the least. Then I asked him to explain everything to me and he told me that my friends took me here because they think that I am jealous that they have dates and I don’t. I wasn’t mad at them, in fact I actually thanked them for that, I just told them that I don’t want to date anyone and I would like to stay single for now, yet the feeling I have didn’t stop, so they just didn’t like my attitude so they decided to leave me alone for a while to think bout it, my freinds kept ignoring me for the past 3 days and I can’t stop thinking bout I. I just love to see them kiss and hug and stuff like that, but at the same time, I don’t want to do those stuff to someone, but I want to see them in action, so I thought that my Reddit friends would help me out since they know that I don’t want to date anyone.
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2021.10.24 03:10 Laddo22 The win-loss cycle

I’m currently going through a cycle of losing 5 games in a row, then winning 5 in a row and repeat.
Normally for me it’s win-loss-win-loss on average.
I can’t decide which I hate more. Thoughts?
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2021.10.24 03:10 robertt86 [HIRING] Statistics Assignment Help

Budget $21. Please contact me asap, thank you
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2021.10.24 03:10 CatchSufficient Alternatives to religious ceremony and rites with the dead, Ask a mortician talks about new human compositing for cities.

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2021.10.24 03:10 LeftRightConundrum Recommendation for good cardiologist and a hospital for a Thallium Stress Test?

Hello, can people here recomment a good cardiologist who do angioplasty themselves (and not celebrity doctors who leave it to their teams). Can you also recommend a good hospital for getting Thallium Stress test done?
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2021.10.24 03:10 ashcashx33 What is something you do for your partner that you wish you enjoy too?

I love flowers and I love to be gifted flowers, but what is some thing that you will give your female partners, and wish you could receive them as well?
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2021.10.24 03:10 TTVoddgamer5259 Happy birthday Certified Lover Boy

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2021.10.24 03:10 coprseGrinder142 CS PhD student with swe expreience

please review my resume
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2021.10.24 03:10 several_bowling Views only

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2021.10.24 03:10 Best_Application452 Portrait I made a while back, decided to share

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2021.10.24 03:10 MuslimusDickus Non-Islamists, do you think that the government should ban gambling?

View Poll
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2021.10.24 03:10 Painnnn_ The badder twin 🤤 ass so fat

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2021.10.24 03:10 f33dmenugget Best DSP moment?

What’s everyone’s favourite DSP moment? Mine without a doubt is the Friday the 13th “it’s the guy” moment. It’s fucking hilarious to see DSP try to act tough and like he doesn’t care but you can see in his face that it’s ripping him apart on the inside. He looks like Ralph Wiggum when Lisa breaks his heart. I can watch it over and over and I still laugh as hard as I did when I first saw it.
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2021.10.24 03:10 septembervirghoe "Hearth's Warming Eve" is a PERFECT holiday episode.

The play, the settings, the hair and makeup, the message, it is TOP TIER. It is so perfect. Maybe it's because I adore Christmas but it's one of my favorite comfort episodes.
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2021.10.24 03:10 Michael_Tomlinson2 Red Sea Urchin

The red sea urchin is a sea urchin found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja California. It lives in shallow waters from the low-tide line to greater than 280 m deep, and is typically found on rocky shores sheltered from extreme wave action in areas where kelp is available.
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2021.10.24 03:10 Far_Masterpiece1501 These moderators are inadequate and suffer from halitosis

These moderators are inadequate and suffer from halitosis There seems to be no link between the two and the only thing I am aware of that is the 'high' or 'low' of your score for karma rating. I didn't even bother to test it for myself, so I can't give you any advice here. That makes it hard for us to even get this far, but as I said before even knowing this makes you feel guilty as well: A lot of people find the system as a way of rewarding their selfless deeds, though I have never seen any evidence of that. The Karma Rating system rewards the person who makes the least mistakes for the highest karma. Not the ones who make all three or four wrong decisions that most just don't make (for example, one can make a perfect score, only to end up with the highest score within the next few days) These folks are not just rewarded for having made mistakes, they are rewarded for the effort they put in to make the same mistake and for the good of everyone involved. There are other factors at play too that might make ranking a person much more difficult. If you are a total jerk for having gotten a bad decision, you might be the ones who are most punished because of it. I'm talking about people who actually do make mistakes and are trying to make the same mistake over and over again. Most are just stuck working for karma that they haven't even considered. It
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2021.10.24 03:10 Souley-San-7445 adorable little girl and her lamb

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