On todays episode of “why didn’t my totes get picked up?”

2021.10.24 03:43 QTDthrowaway666 On todays episode of “why didn’t my totes get picked up?”

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2021.10.24 03:43 DepressedHamster- I be remembering the weirdest shit

Was thinking about the time I was about to hook up with this guy and he walked out of the bathroom with a Viking outfit on and told me to call him “King Rune” and to bear his “god seed”
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2021.10.24 03:43 ImUnknown79 GUYSSSS i need yall's help againnn

W/F/L? Me: lucky21, paci, cristal tiara, sf skirt, skates, and corset Them: corrupt hqlo
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2021.10.24 03:43 SHAHEDZX Buggy D God said it himself that he’ll be the God if luffy becomes Pirate king which we know will happen. So Buggy=God proved😨😱😱

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2021.10.24 03:43 WillRayne Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular. part 3

The roaring train fell silent as I sunk down into the depths. I flailed around wildly before gathering myself up. I thrust my arms and legs against the water and worked my way back up to the surface. I broke through the roof of the lake and called out to the enormous bridge high above me.
"IT'S SAFE!" I yelled out as loudly as I could to the train that was doused in flames, still upon the giant structure.
"YOU GOTTA JUUUMP!" I shouted out once more.
I bobbed around on the water for as long as I could while the subway car sped towards a tunnel ahead. There was no sign of Tony and Calvin, and I watched on while they disappeared into the dark cavern.
My stomach sank when the realization that I was now alone hit me. I looked around me to see land a ways off in the distance. With a heavy sigh, I began my swim.
As I approached the sandy riverbank, I felt something grab onto my leg. I wrestled to keep myself afloat, but I couldn't stop myself from being yanked down to the depths below.
I kicked wildly with my other foot to no avail, and when I looked to see what had me, I saw a thick tentacle wrapped around my right shin. I screamed out, which only served to allow what little oxygen I had filled my lungs with to escape into the water.
I dug my fingers into the dense meat that clutched onto my leg in an attempt to claw it off of me. I punched as hard as I could against the pressure of the water around me which eventually caused it to give way and release me.
I thrust myself away from it as it charged at me again, refusing to allow my eyes to make contact with whatever the tentacle branched from. I just beat against the water as hard as I could when I noticed a tunnel ahead.
I swam harder than I knew I could to distance myself from the stretching appendage that shot towards me again. It almost grabbed me again, but I managed to kick off of it and push my body closer to the opening ahead.
As soon as I cleared the entrance, the creature beat against the doorway, causing rocks to cascade, sealing it shut behind me. I began to panic as my lungs struggled for breath, but I continued to push as hard as I could. Finally, out of sheer desperation, I forced myself upwards, praying for the ability to escape a watery grave.
I inhaled a deep breath of precious oxygen when I broke free of the water. The air tasted stale, but still gloriously swelled within my lungs. Again, I found myself bobbing along, but I did not look out into the bright blue sky this time. My eyes met an enormous cavern that surrounded me, which appeared lit by an unseen source. The rippling water traced its reflection across the walls and ceiling of the cave, and I saw solid ground directly across from where I was floating.
I quickly swam to the bank, fearing whatever may still be underneath me in the depths. I dragged my still gasping body onto the hard ground and lay on my back breathing heavily.
After some time, I finally gathered myself up and climbed back to my feet. I winced when I put pressure on the leg the tentacle had wrapped around. I looked down to see my pant leg torn into shreds, revealing a series of swollen circular bruises.
The initial pain faded quickly, but still felt mildly uncomfortable causing me a slight limp as I shuffled forwards. I traversed the rocky path, keeping a steady lookout for anything that may be lurking behind me.
I felt weighed down by my soaked clothing as I walked on, and I had no idea if the direction I followed would lead me anywhere. I finally saw what caused the dim light to flow through the otherwise darkened cavern.
Small, glowing and winged creatures circled above me. They stayed close to the ceiling of the cave, which was some fifty feet, or so, high.
It was while I was glaring up at the glowing, fluttering creatures, that I felt a stab in my chest as I realized my only link to my family was still resting in my dripping wet pocket.
"Fuck!" I belted out, looking down at my phone that showed no sign of life behind its moistened screen.
I tried popping out the battery to see if I could wipe it off on my shirt, but I didn't have a dry spot on me to even attempt to smear away any of the water.
With a burgeoning rage swelling inside me, I rared my arm back to sling my device into the nearest wall. As I stood there, ready to release it from my grasp, I sighed loudly and stashed the deceased black screen back into my drenched pocket.
The path I walked slowly narrowed as it closed around the lake, which I left behind me as I wandered on. Though my route grew slimmer, it remained just as high, and a strange sort of echo bellowed from somewhere in the distance. I picked up a decently sized rock in anticipation of the potentially monstrous things that may lay ahead, though I quickened my pace slightly.
The pain in my swollen leg had finally reduced to the point that I only noticed it from time to time, so my journey through the cavern was growing more tolerable, though my chest was hammering like a construction crew at work. The sounds ahead of me grew more erratic and I felt my neck tense up the closer I got.
I rounded a sharp corner as the path slimmed even more before it opened up to a wide room with a far lower ceiling than I had experienced this far. There was a rocky stairway leading upwards on my right. The noises boomed from above me, and began to mix with what sounded like screaming.
I ran to the steps and looked up into the opening the stairs led to, but I could only see darkness and nothing more. As I slowly began to set foot into the first step, a flock of the shimmering creatures charged at me.
I swatted at them furiously while little mouths bit into my fingers and arms. I fell to the hard ground and reached for the rock that slipped through my grasp when they attacked.
I looked up to see the swarm of tiny faces staring back at me from above the first few steps. They were little winged people! If I believed in such things, I would be inclined to call them fairies, but surely this was just a trick of the light.
I remembered how Jess would tell me that, according to Halloween lore, Fairies, and spirits of the like, were free to walk among us this time of year. I would often laugh when she brought up the more fantastical and supernatural elements of her beloved holiday, but she always spoke with such reverence when she talked about such things.
The fairies, for lack of anything reasonable to call them, just hovered there, guarding the stairway. I could only assume that I was not to be granted entry to whatever lay above me, so I put my hands out in front of me as though I stood at gunpoint.
"Ok," I said, "I won't go up."
As soon as I finished my sentence, the throng of fluttering, tiny people separated and flew off in various directions.
"What the actual fuck?" I asked the steps I was not permitted to access.
Once more, I got to my feet and began to continue walking in the direction I started. I was almost to the open exit at the rear of the room when I heard:
"RUUUN!" Coming from above me.
I whipped my head around to see Tony and Calvin sprinting down the steps.
Floor 5
"Holy shit!" Tony exclaimed when I ran to meet them at the stairs.
"How are you alive?" He asked.
I explained what had transpired after I leapt from the train, before asking:
"Why didn't you guys jump?"
"You told us if you didn't scream, to follow you," Calvin replied.
"And you screamed!"
I laughed when I recalled my completely undignified "Oh shit!" After I found only air beneath me.
"So how did you guys get out?" I asked
Calvin went on to tell me about what happened after I left them behind. It would seem the train came to a halt some moments after crossing the tall bridge. They were swarmed by the charred spectres and forced to jump out into the flames, which faded as soon as they crossed from the subway car. They stood in front of a new set of stairs leading down into the fourth floor.
They found themselves in a darkened desert, with a moonless night sky above. Almost immediately, they were chased by giant scorpions and tarantulas that erupted from the ground like a sandy volcano. As they ran for their lives, they fell into a bed of quicksand which they sunk down into quickly.
With little doubt this would be the end of their journey, they gave into whatever fate lay beneath the ground only to drop into a cavernous chamber beneath the sand. They were now face to face with the stairway as the beasts which chased them fell through the sand they had just passed through.
"Sounds like you found yourself a shortcut," Tony remarked with a smile.
Though we all laughed at his statement, I couldn't help but wonder if he was onto something.
Having assumed I had still been on the third floor, I began to rethink my stance on where we were. I had previously come to the belief that we were crossing some sort of dimensional gate between floors, but if I literally jumped down two floors, there had to be some physical connection between them.
I ran this new theory by my companions, to which they seemed skeptical, at best.
"I mean, that was sort of a fluke, right?" Tony replied.
"It's not like we can just leap off some ledges and hope for the best."
I couldn't deny that he had a point, but I still insisted that we should at least keep our eyes peeled for anything that may seem out of place.
They shrugged in half-assed agreement, and we all headed for the exit I had almost reached when they came running down the steps.
"How's the leg?" I asked after noticing Calvin wasn't using his branch to walk anymore.
"Honestly, a fuck ton better," he replied, pulling the wrapped shirt sleeve up to reveal the swelling had gone down considerably. The gashes still looked pretty gnarly, but he only had a slight limp now, compared to his borderline lack of mobility before.
As we continued our stroll, the cavern walls became narrower and narrower. We could only proceed in single file now, and the air around had grown very thin.
"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Tony asked through a slightly wheezing breath.
"It has to be," I replied before explaining to them where I had come from.
The ceiling was only inches above our heads now, and we had to turn our bodies to the side to keep going. We were all gasping for breath now, as the thin air combined with the claustrophobic surroundings to cause a degree of hyperventilation. As it started to get to the point where I wasn't sure if we would be able to progress any further, I felt my feet give out from beneath me as the ground formed a steep slant.
"SHIT!" I yelled out when I began to slide down the slick angled chute.
"DESMOND!" I heard my name yelled from above me as I sped down the slippery slope.
After a few moments, I once again found the ground removed from beneath me, before I slammed down to a solid surface.
"Fucking Christ," I wheazed out with the wind completely knocked out of me.
"Are you alive!" I heard from somewhere above me.
I looked up at the narrow opening that had just spit me onto the floor to see it only, maybe ten feet above my head. I rubbed my aching and likely bruised arse while I pushed myself back up onto my feet.
"Yup!" I replied to the opening in the short ceiling, still catching my breath.
After a minute or so, I heard the volume being cranked up on a scream as Calvin's feet came charging down from the entrance above. I quickly reached my arms out to attempt to break his fall, while bracing for a likely painful impact. We both crashed back to the ground when I caught him, before the yelling of his boyfriend came charging at us.
Without enough time to get to our feet, we both rolled in opposite directions to avoid getting crushed by the rapidly approaching Tony.
"Fuck me!" He wailed after slamming into the concrete floor.
"Not right now, babe," Calvin replied in a strained voice from the ground beside him.
"We have company!"
We all echoed winded laughter against the walls of the stone room we found ourselves in.
Our bones creaked and cracked in unison while we lifted ourselves from the floor, and we finally took a moment to take in our new surroundings.
We were in an almost perfectly round room with no exits in sight. No doorways, no holes in the ground, and no corridors leading out. It was a fucking oubliette.
"What's an oubliette?" Calvin asked when I spoke the thought out loud.
"A dungeon only accessible from an entrance above," Tony replied with a heavy sigh.
"They used to leave people to die in places like this," I said, following Tony's words.
"To simply forget about them."
"The hole isn't too high up," Calvin replied, sounding hopeful.
"Even if we can get back up," Tony replied.
"Where do we go from there?"
"It's better than just waiting to die down here!" Calvin exclaimed.
I couldn't deny he had a point. Even if we had to backtrack all the way to the lake, there had to be another way out. Only one floor remained, and I would be damned if I was just going to stay down here to rot while my family may still be out there somewhere.
Though the opening we had dropped through was not particularly high above us, it wasn't exactly as if we could just reach back up and pull ourselves through.
"Can you give me a leg up?" I asked Tony while staring at the opening.
He nodded and walked over to me. He leaned his body downwards and cupped his hands to grab my foot. I stepped into his grip, and he heaved as he pushed me up to the hole in the ceiling.
My hands could not find any sort of lip or ledge to hold onto. I even tried pressing both palms to each side of the thin opening, but the inner walls were slick. I should've realized that before I even attempted this, as we had all glided down here with ease.
After one last attempt, I toppled backwards and Tony and I hit the hard ground with our backs once again. Tony groaned and I screamed curses at the opening, while pounding my hands on the floor. It wasn't my most dignified moment, but my well was running severely dry.
Over the next few hours, we made more attempts to make an ascent from the circular room, but nothing worked. I lay on the ground staring up at the only exit to this room. Tony sat a few feet away with his head buried between his knees, and Calvin just paced around the room with frustration evident on his face.
"Maybe we're being punished for something," Tony said, lighting a cigarette.
"What could any of us have done that warrants this?" I exclaimed.
"I don't know," he replied.
"Maybe we're all dead and this is hell," he gazed off while taking a deep drag from his smoke.
"Could they have known about our podcast?" Tony continued, turning to face his boyfriend.
"Is this supposed to teach us some sort of lesson or something?"
"We don't deserve this," Calvin said while he walked around the room.
"What the hell is this supposed to prove anyway!" He shouted, becoming more agitated as he stopped walking and leaned up against the wall.
"We'll figure a way out, mate," I said, though I didn't believe it myself.
"IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!" He screamed out and kicked the wall he had been propped against.
"Goddamnit!" he yelled out, dropping to the ground and grabbing the already injured leg he had just swiped at the wall with.
Tony got down beside him to assist in checking if he'd messed his leg up even more, while I walked towards the wall he had just kicked.
"Do you hear that?" I asked, while knocking my knuckles off the stone slab we were trapped behind.
"Huh?" the two on the floor retorted.
"It sounds hollow," I said, knocking harder, causing a slight echo of possibilities behind the wall.
I rubbed my hand over the stone. It felt cold and firm, as a rock wall would, but it didn't feel as dense, if that makes any sense. I began to kick with the flat of my foot against the supposed concrete which began to crack slightly.
"Holy shit!" Tony barked, getting back to his feet and approaching me.
The three of us beat and kicked and banged on the wall, which slowly began to form wider and deeper cracks across its face. After about ten minutes of attempting to break through, the wall finally gave way and crumbled before our eyes.
We stared over the rubble of false, makeshift rocks to see what looked like some sort of back room or storage area. There were brooms leaning against the wall, along with a bucket of water with a mop sprouting from the top.
After we worked our way over the scattered, imposter boulders, we paced to the end of the room to find a simple, wooden door. I turned the knob and swung the door open to reveal yet another staircase with flickering fluorescent lights above.
"I hope to Christ this is the last bloody floor," I said with a heavy sigh.
I took one last look back at the broken, fabricated wall, and began yet another, and hopefully one final descent into the darkness below.
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2021.10.24 03:43 po0pybunghole Gift giving for future exhusband and ex in-laws

I am in the beginning stages of divorce (served husband last month). We were together for about 8 years total, married for 3 years. We have two young kids together ages 4 and 3.
I’m expecting my divorce to be a longer process than usual since there are restraining orders and a DV related criminal case too. Legal fees are no joke and I’m a few bucks away til needing to start asking family/friends for financial assistance or taking out a loan.
Just wanted to see how other separated families handle the holidays since Xmas coming up. Do people in the divorce process typically buy Christmas gifts for the STBXH/in-laws on behalf of the kids?
I’m already stressing and its only October!
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2021.10.24 03:43 ashutoshsharma86941 Me getting stronger, going for 3 years no fap

Fapping twice a week better than fapping daily, that was my mentality. Now I am feeling strong enough to go for 3 years🥳🥳, in three years all damage will be recovered right???
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This was my attempt at drawing a picture in 15 minutes, and it was hard. I could not draw decent shadow of the form, I couldn't draw the highlight, I couldn't draw eyes decently. If you have tips please let me know on shading, coloring and simplify shapes so that it can fit in 10 minutes submitted by Sakuchi_Duralus to TeachMeArtSenpai [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 03:43 adirtycommiebastard You are not a woman, you're a ciswomen

Big difference
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2021.10.24 03:43 poiojbg my friend is trans and idk how to act with her

Full disclosures im stressed because my friebds are like pushing for it. Before she became trans we used to change in front of each other but now she has tits.
The other day we were like fake fighting and her boobs were like in my face. Our friend group is really playful like that but its weird now. I also get the sense shes into me she likes to hold hands in public and she introduces me as her future husband to her mom .
I dont want to make her feel excluded but i also feel like im leading her on and explaining that we cant fake wrestle cuz you grew boobs just feels like a weird conversation. I also want to tell her not to introduce me as her future husband but i dont even know how to broach that convo without sounding like a dick who cant take a joke .
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Lf: rare items, halos(mostly this, dims Nlf: accessories
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2021.10.24 03:43 The_Electric_Llama [WP] Your senior year of high-school has been going great. You have amazing grades, made alot of friends, and the college you really have been wanting to get into had accepted your application. On the week of the last finals for the year, you wake up in your bedroom as a lamia...

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