Not again…

2021.11.26 23:44 softbroccoliboi Not again…

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2021.11.26 23:44 Redditor892819083018 CRTs that look like PVMs

I would like it if their were Cheaper TVs here that look like the PVM/BVM series Recommendations
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2021.11.26 23:44 Ankrooz A little Witch is in danger

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2021.11.26 23:44 BigDaddyC7777 Articuno on me. adding 5-10

Code 3550 8560 8664
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2021.11.26 23:44 akai_katto Absenteeism and Health Issues: AFK (ive been absent again lately)

Hi Everyone,
Dandere2x development seemed liked it was ramping up again, then I took a sudden leave after some poor health news came up. Just to quickly share, nothing's acute or terminally serious, but rather just having to change treatment plans due to unforeseen genetic side effects. I wrote "poor health" rather than "poor mental health", which I find interesting as the treatment is for bipolar disorder, a mainly psychiatric illness where over excitement of neurons is permanently damaging my brain. To explain where I was a month ago, the mental health illness that was preventing goals in life from being reached (bipolar disorder was this illness) was cured, but due to rare genetics, physical symptoms are worsening.
The 10 second explanation, my treatment plan went in 3 preferences, A (currently in progress), B, and C (currently in progress). Treatment A (lithium) is at risk to needing changing due to worsening health, which means Treatment B is the backup. Treatment Plan B, anticonsulvants, which has many alternatives, and was my #1 pick from the get-go, but most are suggested to try A out first.
Due to unforeseen health issues, blood tests revealed that almost all of Treatment B is off the table, leaving me with Treatment C, which was my last pick and what I didn't want to have to take into consideration. I find the side effects of C to be noticeable, as compared to Lithium. It takes many weeks to gauge a treatment's efficacy, and the stress lead me to take a week off of work, driving around the west coast just visiting friends.
It feels like dandere2x has been cursed where, uni, poor mental health, now physical health is on the forefront of attention. I'm confident if I keep at it, eventually something will work, but it's been the bane of my absent nature lately. I'll be here whenever things get better to improve dandere2x: I have many ideas I've thought about during my time off, and have been waiting for life circumstances to improve before going at it.

Sometimes, the inner voice is encouraging Calling for you to run those final few yards You're nearly there Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going It will all be OK in the end - Mirror, Porter Robinson 
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2021.11.26 23:44 JFGrzybek Disk space filling up

I did the "user" folder, I changed the directories in settings and yet space on C is filled up when playing instead of E where I moved yuzu. I'm no expert when comes to emulation, but there's no reason for it to use system disk...
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2021.11.26 23:44 El_Jp0O7 On a party, not knowing WTF am i doing here...

I don't drink, smoke and ussually don't go out, but a friend invited me and now I have no clue what to do, wtf do I do?
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2021.11.26 23:44 CodyHettinger This took way longer than it was worth. My luck was so bad 🤣

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2021.11.26 23:44 Rand-Al-Loki Need help

How do I leave my group iron chat? It won't let me public chat anymore idk what I did. I just wanna chat up some fellow mining homies
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2021.11.26 23:44 bookrokodil Right on time

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2021.11.26 23:44 EthanSage Hey guys really need pokerus can anyone help?

Have 5-6 iv eggs for trade
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2021.11.26 23:44 rubberducky1212 I have no where to go

My sister kicked me out of her place. That's fine. I was doing chores instead of rent so I wasn't fully contributing. It's her right to do that. I'm not even fully moved back into my parents house and I feel like 2 of the 3 people living here are just tolerating me and don't want me here. One of those people is my dad, so that sucks. I wish I could be on my own, but I don't have the income for that. Even if I had the money, my mental health is such that I don't know if it's a good idea for me to live alone and I have just one friend... who won't live with me. I'm stuck where I'm unwanted.
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2021.11.26 23:44 Glissant_Cubo02 Las mujeres no son reales

Ahora que lo pienso, tienes razón. No puedes odiar a las mujeres. ¿Porque? PORQUE NO EXISTEN. No dejaré que el gobierno me lave el cerebro con la idea tan ridícula de la existencia de algo tan ridículo y científicamente imposible como lo son esos seres mitológicos llamados "mujeres". Es que vamos, ¿Cómo demonios se pronuncia eso al menos? mugj, muj, erezs?? ¿Cue significa eso?. Finalmente estoy iluminado. Ya no seré machista. Ya no seré misógino, ya no hay razón de serlo, al igual que Australia y Chile, las mujeres no existen. Son ficticias. Son falsas. He alcanzado la cúspide de la inteligencia humana. He logrado usar el 100% de mi capacidad cerebral. Todos los secretos de la historia serán desmentidos o confirmados por mi. Pronto me convertiré en un ser de luz e intelecto puro. Inmortal, indestructible, e inmaculado. Soy el nuevo dios de todas las religiones. Las mujeres no existen. Nunca lo hicieron y nunca lo harán. Amén. Hermanos.
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2021.11.26 23:44 drynionph Kurai Inu - The dark Shiba | The next big Meme Project | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC |✨ Liquidity Lock |✨ Low Marketcap!!

⚡️ Kurai Inu - The dark Shiba ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

❤️ Kurai Inu is a sustainable Meme token, aiming to provide safety to investors through its’ own Decentralized Exchange and Private Dashboard! Buy, sell and trade on a Meme Project like never before!
Contract Address: 0x2ca8C731833945b9a792F6D167a8433C2d2B8644
♨️ SafetySwap - our Decentralized Exchange allows users to trade any token on the Binance SmartChain Network in a few, simple clicks, and has the added benefit of its own Staking platform and private KURAI Dashboard!

The Dark Shiba is a new Meme token which has gained a lot of hype in the past couple days!
✔️ Whitelist Spots to Win
✔️ Experienced Core Team
✔️ Exchange Platform coming soon
✔️ Huge Marketing plans

Tokenomics have been planned meticulously to provide security to our investors and create strong buy pressure! We have also introduced the incredible Kurai Boost Protocol – our Buyback mechanism – to increase the value of Kurai Inu.
Liquidity 2%
Boost Protocol 2%
Marketing 2%
Liquidity 2%
Boost Protocol 7%
Marketing 2%

Contract Address: 0x2ca8C731833945b9a792F6D167a8433C2d2B8644

⚱️ Pancakeswap

⭐ Website:
⭐ Telegram:
⭐ Twitter:

❤️ Do not miss out you are as early as possible! Come join the Community and to experience the next big project!
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2021.11.26 23:44 SushilSrivastava_12 God’s Constitution- The main aim of human life is salvation. Only a true Guru can guarantee salvation and supreme peace. Take initiation from satguru Rampal ji Maharaj and get complete peace and salvation.

God’s Constitution- The main aim of human life is salvation. Only a true Guru can guarantee salvation and supreme peace. Take initiation from satguru Rampal ji Maharaj and get complete peace and salvation. submitted by SushilSrivastava_12 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 23:44 xrpykqhs Elneny’s father on the possibility of sealing a free agent Arsenal exit in January

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2021.11.26 23:44 Devils_doohickey Mexico's Third Richest Man Advises Buy Bitcoin Now — Says US Looking Increasingly Like Third World Country

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2021.11.26 23:44 BenevolentSpaceDonut Any good sales out there?

Probably spent too much already, but has anyone found any good deals on pens out there? Especially lesser known deals etc.. Let me know!
I'll start out with a couple:
-MIG pens is having a sale, and the steel +61 version is in stock
-eknives has the d rocket obelisk marked down
-tactile turn sitewide
-karas kustoms
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2021.11.26 23:44 RebellionOfHell How villainous do you think Eren is compared to Lelouch? Unlike Eren, Lelouch is an anti hero protagonist of view while Eren is an antagonist later on.

When we see Lelouch’s POV, many of the things he is doing is morally ambiguous while the rest sees him as evil once he declares the entire world as public enemy no. 1. Eren on the other hand shifted from a protagonist to an antagonist with Reiner taking over though most of what he is doing is for the greater good, he is no longer a protagonist at that point.
On the other hand, we saw Lelouch, CC, and Suzaku discussing about Zero Requiem as to indicate that he is not bad as he seems to be while we don’t know about Eren’s intentions until in the end. Do you see Eren more villainous than Lelouch regarding the difference?
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2021.11.26 23:44 l008com Unable to launch wallet for about a week now

I'm running v 1.2.11 on MacOS 10.15.7
It has always been an obnoxiously slow process to launch the wallet. But now it just won't run at all. I've repeatedly tried quitting and relaunching the wallet, restarting the machine, and letting the wallet sit at this hung screen for days. Nothing happens. It's just stuck like this. I haven't "mined" anything with my pool in about 6 days now.
The "Wallet" tab in the wallet application does show me as being synced with the block chain and it does show my correct balance.
But when I click on the "Plots" tab, all are "Not Available"
And when I click on the "Full Node" tab, I get spinners for almost everything except "Connection Status", where it says "Not connected". Here is a screen shot of what I get:
It just hangs like that forever. Note that I had been using the wallet fine for months before this started happening.
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2021.11.26 23:44 412weedman Why does Stella Artois say imported if it’s not?

Or is it shipped to St.Louis and then bottled and canned?
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2021.11.26 23:44 UnsolicitedDakpicss Recording Drums

Hey guys, completely new to drumming. Just got a new kit about 5 months ago but I’m progressing pretty smoothly. My question is, is there any singular piece of equipment that will let me record my drums? Don’t wanna have to go get a bunch of microphones and all that
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2021.11.26 23:44 DoorSmall Celtics bout to ruin this whole thing. The Spurs really of all teams smfh

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2021.11.26 23:44 Behind-Enemy-Mines If there was a film about Jeffery Epstein, who would star as Jeffery?

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2021.11.26 23:44 TheSilverGuyPerson This Thanksgiving went hard, feel free to screenshot

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