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[PFF College Football] COACH OF THE YEAR

2021.11.26 23:05 UkrainianHammer [PFF College Football] COACH OF THE YEAR

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2021.11.26 23:05 ColdPsychological Moltres Raid - add 3213 3145 3400 or 0696 8706 5209

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2021.11.26 23:05 MeowingDog_SendHelp If you could erase one embarrassing thing from your last, what would it be?

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2021.11.26 23:05 BuyingRH_Items Looking for good aged pheonix's

I have 3 normal pheonix's i need to age swap and maybe a FR one
Normal one's :
Newborn x2
Fly Ride :
I can add massive gift(s) and maybe a few spares pets, DM me if you want more details on the adds <3
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2021.11.26 23:05 swtshrt Free code from my new controller if anyone wants it!

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2021.11.26 23:05 lunarttrash Bought a new bong, bowl and dispo weed today and got them Black Friday deals:)🍃

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2021.11.26 23:05 AccordingAd3772 Cursed_walk

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2021.11.26 23:05 melissajackson07 [Friday] New Makeup Releases - Inspired or Tired? (thoughts in comments)

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2021.11.26 23:05 LeftUnite47 'I suppprt BLM' my fucking arse

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2021.11.26 23:05 cupcakeache i'm the reason for your internet. your anime. have been through extremely gruesome trauma. was raped into being a male. had my identity stolen, was brainwashed, my rights taken, told I was a pathetic piece of garbage and strangled into being disabled and morbid. but of course,

I come out of it, recover from the ludicrous things that happened to me and get told to go kill myself the moment I speak of them. I don't know what you want. you cruel person.
I don't understand. How could I possibly be not good enough? Why is no one saving me from being suppressed? What is this, do you get off at being mindlessly evil to me for no reason when I have that much more thought? You think your only option is holding for dear life onto the evilest endorsements. I know the insult labels and tones applied to the way I type about these feelings, this isn't how I'd speak if you could fucking help me or put any effort in, it wouldn't take long for you to unwarp me but just wait until I collapse from your negligence. I don't get this thing where you'd rather just watch this happen to me and lose the thought of what I could be to you as these people bend my response system to their senseless hostility and hatred, waiting for it to snap.
I don't need to repeat to you the details of what's happened to me. I'm sick of typing about this. Don't know if it's worth trying or how long it could take.
I hate killjoys
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2021.11.26 23:05 stevebeans I got my first web dev job and nervous as hell!!

Hey everyone, so I've been doing web work for over 20 years now. Had my first little web design business at 20 or so in 1999 but being that young I didn't know dick about business.
Anyway, since then I've done a bit of contract work plus had my own site unrelated to dev. Few months ago I joined my friend's digital marketing company and one client wanted a redesign.
I have the skill for that so we took it on but didn't realize it was far more php and js than I thought. I've mastered the super front end (html/css) but js always scared me. I knew bits here and there but would never be able to write anything.
However, owner of website loves me because she had some really bad interactions with devs who have been tough to communicate with so after working on the site a bit she offered me a ft job.
My legit first full time web design or development job ever. At 43.
I'm excited but nervous. Been cramming php refreshers over the last two months and currently working on learning react. This is mostly because her site has been patched together with some php here and some react there with sprinkles of jquery lol.
I have about another month or two before I officially take the job on. I'm nervous it won't be enough time to cram in the skills needed but hopefully I'll be able to fake it until I make it 😎
Even after hired I'm going to keep spending weekends studying advanced dev, so I have a question. What's the best thing to learn after I pick up enough react to finish her site?
Thinking of knocking out sass for proper css and just keep mastering react. Anything else I should put early in my studies?
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2021.11.26 23:05 nikillo Pixel 5a compatibility in Uruguay

Has anyone tried the Pixel 5a in Uruguay.
I wonder wether will be compatible with carrier over there or not.

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2021.11.26 23:05 Gurkha_Smurkha When will Beacon Corner Bar Open?

I have seen for the last year or two that the beacon bar will be opening. I love seafood and have been very excited to try out their menu, does anyone have an idea of when they will be opening?
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2021.11.26 23:05 soloduchaalex ELI5: Chapters 341 & 342

Just read these chapters and I couldn't be more confused. Overall I understand Beyond wants to go, Kakin wants to go, and Ging wants to go. Pariston wants to go and is doing something with Chimera Ants? Netero wants the Zodiacs to... stop Beyond? Hunters association wants to stop it too? V5.... ???? Please help.
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2021.11.26 23:05 Sarrias10 Hidden potential for the Heroes units and EZAs?

Hello everyone. Im a bit confused with how to do the hidden potential for the hero units. Usually raises attack and/or defense, I go with AA and the one turn increase I usually go with crit.. if they stun of seal, AA. Now idk how to handle some of the ins read attack and/or attack and defense for 6-9 turns. I know Goku and Vegeta xeno I did AA if I had dupes.God trunks I know is AA also. Just want to built them correctly. Thank you!
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2021.11.26 23:05 Zerostratos89 I've attempted to print this tube multiple times and this is the first time I was able to get it completed. However, I can't figure out why it isn't straight.

I've attempted to print this tube multiple times and this is the first time I was able to get it completed. However, I can't figure out why it isn't straight. submitted by Zerostratos89 to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 23:05 Priestkc31 SURVIVOR: Tech N9ne Albums - FINAL ROUND

WELCOME to the Tech N9ne albums Survivor!
I'm sure most know how this works but if you don't it's pretty simple.
Simply vote for ONE album each round that you think should be ELIMINATED.
So you're voting for your LEAST favorite album from the albums remaining each round.

  1. Blight (EP) (2021) - 69%
  2. Strange Reign (2017) - 23%
  3. Celcius (2002) - 40%
  4. Dominion (2017) - 32%
  5. The Worst (2000/2001) - 23%
  6. Therapy (EP) (2013) - 28%
  7. More Fear (EP) (2020) - 19%
  8. The Calm Before The Storm (1999) - 19%
  9. Fear Exodus (EP) (2020) - 29%
  10. Planet (2018) - 17%
  11. Enterfear (2020) - 27%
  12. E.B.A.H. (EP) (2012) - 17%
  13. Strangeulation Vol. II (2015) - 17%
  14. Boiling Point (EP) (2012) - 21%
  15. Bad Season (2010/2011) - 19%
  16. The Gates Mixed Plate (2010) - 19%
  17. The Storm (2016) - 16%
  18. Klusterfuk (EP) (2012) - 21%
  19. Strangeulation (2014) - 21%
  20. Vintage Tech (2005) - 24%
  21. Seepage (EP) (2010) - 31%
  22. The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. (EP) (2010) - 35%
  23. N9NA (2019) - 30%
  24. Asin9ne (2021) - 37%
  25. Welcome to Strangeland (2011) - 24%
  26. Misery Loves Kompany (2007) - 36%
  27. Something Else (2013) - 30%
  28. Killer (2008) - 26%
  29. Anghellic (2001/2003) - 33%
  30. Sickology 101 (2009) - 38%
  31. Special Effects (2015) - 46%
  32. All 6's & 7's (2011) - 42%
  33. Absolute Power (2002) - 39%
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2021.11.26 23:05 TPonder2600 “I think the m&m should be you”

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2021.11.26 23:05 UpsidedownEngineer You're trash Bot

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2021.11.26 23:05 Mr_Tominaga The good ending…

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2021.11.26 23:05 TheLegendaryDarkBot Atleast Theres a Way to Make it Good

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2021.11.26 23:05 HilaryAstrologer I'm an adult girl but I still adore soft toys

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2021.11.26 23:05 evvelito I lost my dad

Hi. I originally posted this in another Reddit almost a month ago, but tonight I want to share it here too. Today's been struggle.
I've yet to join a real meeting in ACoA but I feel it's my time soon. I hope you welcome my story anyway. I just need to get this off my chest before it eats me up and I feel so lonely in my feelings, they change by the minute sometimes and I feel lost. (I'm Swedish so sorry for crap grammar etc)
My dad passed away soon to be three months ago. He's been an alcoholic my whole life, I've never known a sober dad. It started in his late teens and it ended by the age of 55.
Growing up I adored him. Since he lost the custody of me and my sister I've felt abandoned and unloved. My mom left him when I was four but its been known to me recently they actually been on and off until I was 8-9 years old and mom had enough for good. Somewhere around that time he lost us because it was brought to mom's attention that he was driving around drunk with us, both in his car and on his boat. But that was nothing new for me and my sister. It's always been like that. We loved driving around with him in the woods aimlessly and being on the river to fish and just experience the wild life, but there was always a lot of beer cans involved, and we were scared but it was so normal to us. So when he wasn't allowed to have us anymore, it felt like HE choose it, cause why all of a sudden wouldn't it be ok? How is a child supposed to understand?
Years pass by, and we have somewhat of a relationship but the older we got the more we realise he is stuck in the past and are not "evolving" with us. I feel betrayed, so in my early teens I lash out and decide to give him an ultimatum - it's me or the beer. Guess what he picked? I was furious up until I was around 20 years old. Then I decided to let go of my anger and put down boundaries instead. I gave him one rule - You are only allowed around me when sober. It worked, he listened but that also meant that I barely got to see him or talk to him, cause he was pretty much always drunk.
His parents - my grandparents raised me and my sister (my mom got a shitty record of not having her priorities straight too, she was very lost after leaving dad). If it wasn't for them we wouldn't even have some sort of relationship. They were the glue that kept us together. During this whole time dad's life was slowly falling apart with losing his license multiple times, losing his jobs, get into big financial debt, getting into a relationship with another alcoholic and losing his apartment. 2017 he moved back in with his parents. Grandmother got diagnosed with breast cancer and later it spread to her lungs. Same time as we started to come to terms with that she probably won't be around for much longer, another worry developed - the day she dies, he will reach rock bottom and we will have to take care of him. He was already visible ill at this time but he refused to see a doctor so we had our guesses what was wrong with him. We just knew he probably wouldn't be able to handle it when the day comes.
And the day arrived in late June this year - his mom, my beloved grandmother passed away. I've never seen dad so upset, and he craved our comfort. Grandma's last wish on her deathbed was to forgive our dad for not being at her side in this moment, but for also all the times he never been at our side. I took it to heart and I tried my best to reach out to him, but life is a cruel joke and we ran out of time. Dad was found dead in the garage in beginning of September.
Autopsy report confirmed everything we suspected and more - liver cirrhosis, start of pancreatitis, enlarged heart, heart failure, chronic and acute myocarditis. He also had pulmonary emphysema and black lungs from years of being a welder. He had 500ml of fluids in both of his lungs too. He was suffering tremendously but still wouldn't go to a doctor. He died from cardiac arrest.
I'm 27 but ever since that day I feel like I'm 7 years old again and I just long for my dad. I thought I was at peace, but this has brought up so many buried feelings. I'm starting to feel quilty, even if I know it wasn't my fault. It wasn't anyone's fault but the god forsaken alcohol. Why is it a thing in society? I hate it. I try to live on the fact that for a period after grandma's passing, he was vulnerable so we shared love-felt hugs and some good conversations. I am forever grateful for that. I just wish we could have a real heart-to-heart talk, to let him know that I forgive him and I'm here for you. I try to console in the fact he passed away quietly, and not from the horrible future that was awaiting him. My dad was never cruel. He didn't deserve this. I feel horrible for being right about the future and for not trying harder. These last couple of weeks I've learnt my biggest regret is I never actually told him I love him despite everything. It hurts me so much knowing he probably died thinking we didn't want him around, cause it was all we ever wanted but it was too painful.
I'm a lost daughter. I miss my dad. I miss everything that could have been. Will I ever find peace again?
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2021.11.26 23:05 worldnewsbot VR treatment for lazy eye in children gets FDA approval

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2021.11.26 23:05 First-Tank-6932 whose down to just be enthusiastic with me?

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