Laptop under $800 for gaming and light photo/video editing

2021.11.26 23:12 Frosty_Ninja_2953 Laptop under $800 for gaming and light photo/video editing


Lenovo IdeaPad 3
Lenovo Legion 5
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2021.11.26 23:12 UrMyProblem-_- [Meme]

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2021.11.26 23:12 arash100 My black friday steals

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2021.11.26 23:12 ISB00 Tooru Traitor confirmed

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2021.11.26 23:12 t0ddgray Mood

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2021.11.26 23:12 Glittering_Weird_366 Hey! Bored 26 M from Italy looking for a [chat]

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2021.11.26 23:12 cehteshami [MHGU]Hunting in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

I'm a SnS main, and my buddy does bow.

Room ID: 57-0673-3638-0251
Passcode: 2021
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2021.11.26 23:12 ItsTheUltimateBob You guys do.

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2021.11.26 23:12 abg21xoxo BDO Platinum Timeline

Hello! Initially applied for a MC Gold but the agent offered me MC platinum with Visa Plat as companion card instead.
Question - Is the evaluation process longer for platinum than any other cards? I applied Oct 11, got encoded on Nov 20 (as per website) and I still haven't gotten any result on whether it's approved or not.
Thank you!
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2021.11.26 23:12 Justjaro I still feel like I haven't had real closure on me and my best friends splitting apart. And it still hurts a lot...

This is pretty lengthy and more a vent rather than a confession, so for the people that want a story through some shitty stuff in my life, get ready. For the people who want some juicy confessions or funny things, you'd be better of to keep scrolling.
The intro the the friendship me and my friend had is pretty lengthy, I have added extra blank lines on the part where I move on from the description and start going to the events, so you can scroll down to that if it all becomes a little to much and boring. It is not essential to the story, but it helps create a picture in your head of what the situation was like before.
About a year ago, I (M17) was in an amazing friend group. We were all in the last year of highschool. It was an amazing, diverse group who let me, "the introverted outsider" into their group. To be honest, it was my first group of people with whom I really felt comfortable and could call friends, and they felt the same. Awful primary school/start highschool experiences. Another story for another day.
Anyways, during our last year in highschool, relationships between people started to worsen. With how diverse our group was (gender, world views, ego's), it was predictable in some sense. Us growing apart after about 4 years wasn't too much of a surprise, especially at that age. But looking back at how bitchy some people were becoming towards others, it was a little excessive for sure.
In this group of friends (10 people), I had 3 people who I would consider to be my closest friends. One of those friends, let's call her B, was somebody I considered to be my "best/closest friend". Even though I might not have been hers, or anybody's for that matter (I wasn't unwanted, just not somebody's #1), I considered her to be my best friend.
We would sometimes hang out during or after school, having long philosophical talks, go to parties together, etc etc. Not in the love-relationship kind of way, she had a boyfriend after all who I became friends with 2 years later or so. And no, I'm not one of those "everything can be broken" kind of guys. I was happy with the situation as it was at the time.
In second year (out of the 6), when I was the outsider, I was suffering from some form of depression. Although nothing physically harmful, I was in a real bad state mentally. Not trusting people, not being able to feel happy or peace, having periods of time thinking awful thoughts, etc etc. Then she noticed I was not feeling well mentally, and we started talking. She was one of those people who would always see the bright side of things, having infectious happyness and innocence, you probably know somebody similar or what I'm talking about.
Over time, we kept talking though my issues, experiences and fears (abandonment, trust issues, betrayal). She became my sort of therapist, just somebody who I could vent to. The thing was, I wasn't even instigating the conversations. She would just walk up to me at times, sit me down and ask me to tell what was bothering me, what I was truggling with, etc. So it wasn't like I was bothering her I think, as she would start the conversation. That's maybe also because I wouldn't start about it myself, I always tried to hide this side of me and just try to shut myself out from everyone and everything.
Because of these conversations, I was beginning to be able to convert my issues to words and sentences. I was able to face some fears and traumas (together), which hugely improved my mental state. I would even occasionally start smiling when enjoying what I was doing, or even just out of nowhere. This was the absolute weirdest thing for me, the first times I experienced this.
I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying she helped me see the bright side of life. She helped me start living and enjoying things in it. Besides this, she was just an amazing friend who I loved to spend my time with. There wasn't a single time in which I felt it was boring or something else negative. Even just the simplest things like her reading a book and me scrolling social media in the same room together were great in my opinion.
Besides this, we would text often: sending eachother music, experiences, funny things or problems we were facing, helojng eachother out. I can still remember one text in particular. It is still the best text I ever received, warming my heart and making me tear up of joy every time I think of it (even now...). She was not doing great at the start of the lockdowns in my country. She talked about some issues she had in her family, and after I was able to talk with her about it, she sent me "I am happy to have you as a friend". To some this may not be special, but this is to this day the best text I have ever gotten. I find myself thinking or going back to it at times, just to feel happy for a minute, followed by a wave of sadness after. But yeah, yhank you for that B, and yes, I felt the same way.
Anyways, now that you guys have some context (maybe a bit much, I got carried away. I felt like any less would not do her service to me justice...), the sad parts begins. As I stated before, our friend group, of which were both a part, was starting to fall apart. It was almost like there was a division growing, splitting the group in two, 5-5, mostly due to people growing irritated to eachother.
Me, being the person who feared this from happening (this fear of having to lose people I just got close to never really went away), wasn't picking a side. This was also because one side had 3 real good friends of mine, and the other side had B. I just couldn't, and wouldn't choose, but everyone almost made me.
Although the group never officially split before the end of the year, the tension was most definitely there. Everyone could feel it, and in the last week of our time at highschool, everything fell apart. Exams were coming, everyone was stressing, and talks started about a trip in our summer holidays (our first vacation together, with all of us going somewhere for a week).
This is where the division became unbearable. Some people didn't want others on the vacation, some set unrealistic requirements for the holidays, and others were just not up for the idea. This is where it went bad.
Group A wanted a chill vacation, no issues and just a relaxed pace enjoying eachother's company. The remaining 5, including me and B, were "the others". The problem was, group A started to form their plans in secret, only they knew they would go on their own, and the rest could go on their own holiday if they wanted. The only other person that knew of this was B, as she was there when the idea was created but didn't want to exclude anybody.
So, one night, I get put into a group chat of 5 people (which was made 2 weeks earlier (I'll get back to this later), called "holiday's 2021". I was "admitted to group A, and they said they were planning a holiday and wanted me with them. They told me B didn't want to join them, and the rest were people they could care less about at this point.
This put me at a real crossroad: I had to choose to go or not. Either way, I would choose one group over the other, as not going would put me in group B, which happened to B herself. Because the rest of my better friends were in group A, and a vacation with my friends was something I could not even have dreamed of a few years earlier, I chose to go. Before this, I asked B is she would be fine with me going, as she didn't approve of how things were going inside our friendgroup. She told me she understood, and told me she was totally okay with me going on the vacation. Even on the day of departure, she sent me a text saying "have fun :)".
So, with this plan set in stone, it was "announced" to the others, who were unhappy with it all, which is totally understandable. I don't blame them for it. I knew I was put in the group just to make it a 6 person group instead of 5, which is easier in activities. I was chosen a week later than the plan had started, so I knew what was going on, but I decided to ignore that. Ignorance took over you could say...
After the vacation, we had a few parties in the rest of our holidays with the entire group to "try and settle things". This never worked out, most people told everyone else to go screw themselves, and that was it. I felt all of that, for sure. Wayyy more than other people, I am sure of that, but I accepted it. After all, I still had 5 good friends and B left.
But over the span of a few weeks, I felt B wasn't initiating as many conversations, sending music or wanting to hang out. Almost every form of communication came from my side, to the point she didn't start any conversation or send anything. At parties, she avoided me at all costs. A few days after total silence from her (I started to grasp what was going on), someone told me she was mad at us after all. She wasn't okay with it all initially, but she could accept it. This had changed.
I was told she needed to think who she wanted to still see and who she wanted to remove from her life. She would het into contact with the people she wanted to stay with, the others she would not seek out. After hearing this, I felt heartbroken. I hadn't heard anything from her, but I was still giving it all the benefit of the doubt. If she wanted to figure things out on her own, giving her space would be the least I could do. I stopped texting for unnecessary things and would keep communication to a minimum. This way, I felt like I would give her enough space. Although she never told me that she needed it, I was willing to give her space.
Weeks went by, no texts, no calls, nothing. I knew it was all over, and I was, and still am, devistated. She was the person who I had said everything to, shared some of my best memories eith and helped my living life. After this summer holidays, we both went to different universities. The last texts were me asking about her first week there, followed by a quick reaction from her saying that her phone was dying and she would text me back later. Nothing was ever sent, and to be honest, 5 months later, I am still waiting for that text.
The worst part is not even that our friendship didn't last, even though I was convinced it would last another 20-30 years. The feeling which hurts most is that she didn't tell me that she didn't want to be friends anymore. She never told me, not did she tell me why. After such a (what I felt to be) close friendship, she never told me. She just vanished, never to be seen again. That is what hurts me most. I am still left wondering if she didn't want to tell me, or like she felt like she couldn't tell me, which would hurt me even more.
I know friends almost always split up, but the way thid happened really hit me, and to this day still hurts. Never really got over it to be honest. Still think back to the good old days, that one text, or the fun we had. Makes me tear up. I feel like me and her both never got to tell everything about splitting up, and that hurts most. If only I could get closure, but I'm guessing it's too late for that now. Sadly.
Anyways, that you for reading my story I guess. If anyone maybe has advise for me to get some closure or something, that would be great. But at least I hope this story. I don't know. Entertained? Made someone feel good or bad? Made someone think? I don't know, I just felt like I needed to get it out there, and this would be the best way to do so. So thank you...
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2021.11.26 23:12 Boring_Lychee7283 For The Boys

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2021.11.26 23:12 un_killabol_scout Down with the CCP!

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2021.11.26 23:12 MY13FXT [Apps] Fenix 2 for Twitter - ($6.99 -> $1.99)

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2021.11.26 23:12 Horror-Worry42 At what point should I play the DLC portion of this game?

I just got into the strip and killed Benny. At what point would you advice I start the DLC and which one should I do first. I was thinking of doing side quests around to level up quite a bit but I’m currently level 11 or 12.
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2021.11.26 23:12 FellowOfHorses I think I'm going to like [Another Typical Fantasy Romance ]

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2021.11.26 23:12 The_One_Meathook I was bored so I ran some sabaton song names into an AI art generator, here’s the results

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2021.11.26 23:12 Dragon9820 If I ever do get/buy & added anymore visual novels to my collection & my waifu collection & if I choose to. Do you guys think I should get/buy & added to my collection & my waifu collection singles or a game set of 2 or more visual novels bundle set or it doesn't matter

& yes I'm including hentai games too as well & if I ever do get/buy & added anymore to my collection,my waifu collection,my visual novel collection,my vr collection & my hentai collection both old & new stuff equally & if I choose to.
& due to my taste in gaming,anime & manga & due to my collection,my waifu collection,my visual novel collection,my vr collection & my hentai collection I had to ask & no I'm not seeking any approvals.
& yes sometimes I do get gift cards especially visa gift cards & sometimes I don't get gift cards especially visa gift cards so in a way I'm asking your opinions ahead of time of singles vs bundle sets of 2 or more visual novels vs it doesn't matter :).
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2021.11.26 23:12 BeanBagCondor They’ve suffered enough

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2021.11.26 23:12 putnuts32 FS: 2 Bryce Harper Project 70’s. $18/each shipped or $28 for Both shipped BMWT

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2021.11.26 23:12 curiousitybeast 2nd year undergrad | I recently found out I failed a course from first year and I am emotionally destroyed

This is my first post here I hope I am not breaking rules, so please listen to my rant and I appreciate any advice. Due to an academic offence I have failed one of my courses first year, so my average dropped and now I am sitting at a 3.53. I know I deserve this and I have legitimately learned my lesson. The whole online thing made me act out of impulse. I know I can recover in the following years but realistically will this 3.53 cause me problems in the future as in do I still have a shot to getting admitted to a Canadian medical school (my university is in Ontario for reference). Furthermore, this failure in the first year caused me to get kicked out of my program and now I am having a hard time picking a good module for my 3rd and 4th year of university. Obviously my program is general sciences, so what specializations do you guys recommend so I can recover from this dip in my average? Thank you for your time. If you need any clarification do not hesitate to ask, I am more than happy to answer.
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2021.11.26 23:12 Double_Size5613 I just prefer not to gender myself at all.

The most accurate way I can explain how I feel right now is this: remember when you were a kid just running around on the playground? You didn't worry about how you looked or who you played with because of your gender. You didn't pick out hyper-gendered clothing to wear. You didn't pit yourself against members of the same gender because you wanted to get the most attention from people of the opposite gender. Maybe some of you did some of these things but honestly it's just so weird to me that those things are normal.
One of the first times gender really affected me was when I was about 9. I was raised afab. I had this crush on a girl in my class and noticed that she was interested in boys. My dumbass straight up thought "Hey maybe if I dressed like a boy, maybe she would like me" lol
Soon after that it became like "You can't sit with us because you have hairy legs" or a boy I liked saying "I don't like ugly girls" or something. And the saddest part is that adults pretend that they arent petty like this anymore. Yeah right. 🙄
Gender me all you want but I will never gender myself or perform gender for anyone unless I feel comfortable. I don't know if that means I'm agender or what but that's my stance.
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2021.11.26 23:12 lightskinbro1 I need to meet more girls, what do I do?

I don’t know a lot of girls, and I fucking hate meeting people over text. The difficult part is I’m 15 (15 Male) and people are slowly starting to talk less and less in real life.
I already know most of the people in my classes, and I’m not interested in any of them. Mainly because I’m in classes with a lot of the same people, I mean two out of seven of my classes are choir.
There’s not a lot of clubs to join, so I kinda started my own. I’m going on a tour to every school in my district to perform (two schools has approved, I’m meeting with the other two soon), I will be singing with my pop orchestra I orchestrate music for. The issue here is basically everyone in it is taken. How do I meet single girls who are local? The hallway is a shitty area btw we only have 5 minutes between classes.
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2021.11.26 23:12 NuclearDetonation Is OBHR 3330 or ITSS 3300 easier?

Basically the title. I have some flexibility with my degree plan so I can take one of those classes next semester which brings me up to 15 hours. OBHR would be with Jeff Weekley and ITSS would be with Kevin Short.
These are the other classes that I’m taking: ACCT 2302, FIN 3320, OPRE 3360, MKT 3300
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2021.11.26 23:12 SickSickleDude Lets get banned from r/politicalhumor

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2021.11.26 23:12 moomooexpress Common scam

Common scam The ")" gave them away as Eastern European, so I also replied in Russian
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