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Gateway Tapes Informational Sticky Post

Target’s collection of sticky notes has something for everyone. Simple lined post-its to make neat notes, packs of colorful ones for better organization, as well as super cute ones for cute notes (and for hoarding)! And if you’re a frequent sticky note user, a post-it dispenser for your desk is just what you need. The Spiral Notepad with Sticky Notes and Ruler includes several colors of sticky notepads, a lined journal, and your eye-catching full color branding on the front cover. For an elevated professional look, you can also choose the Nifty Note Caddy with included metal pen, sticky notes, sticky flags, journal, and your full color custom imprint. The Stung Treng provincial Department of Culture and Fine Arts is looking into the possibility of registering Nom ansorm chrouk – sticky rice cakes filled with pork and wrapped in banana leaves – and several other dishes as food originating from the province.. Provincial Department of Information director Ouk Theavy told The Post that the department recently visited different areas in the ... Our personalized Post-it® Notes are great for your home or office, and can help you keep track of just about anything. Whether you’re writing a to-do list or reminding yourself of an important meeting, we have a wide range of custom sticky notepads to choose from. A Post-it Note (or sticky note) is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. A low-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive allows the notes to be easily attached, removed and even re-posted elsewhere without leaving residue.Originally small yellow squares, Post-it Notes and related products are available ... Post-it Notes feature a unique adhesive designed for use on paper. The classic sticky note you know and love is great for leaving reminders or calling out important information. They are available in a wide variety of colors to stand out wherever you need them to. Like all Post-it Products, they stick securely, yet remove cleanly. Use efficient and reliable sticky notes to organize tasks, brainstorm ideas, color-code projects, and much more. The adhesive notes stick to soft and hard surfaces, such as file cabinets and school folders, and the paper units are available in a variety of colors to brighten workspaces and draw attention to tasks and messages. Just post a note on the desktop using the control buttons on each note, and also click the system tray icon for more options. Left clicking its system tray icon adds a new sticky if there are none, or brings all open stickies to the foreground. Right clicking the system tray icon shows controls such as recycling all sticky notes or quitting the ... Post-it® and Sticky Notes. Available in an array of colors and sizes, sticky notes are perfect for making lists, posting reminders or writing messages. Look for Post-it sticky notes with repositionable adhesive backings on just the upper top or across the entire back side. Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pads Get a jumpstart on generating ideas with Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pads. Adhesive-backed sheets stick and re-stick, and hold up to 2X longer* to keep ideas front and center. The paper resists marker bleed through so you can capture ideas by writing directly on the sheet. Help your team's great ideas come alive.

2021.11.27 00:16 dasuberchin Gateway Tapes Informational Sticky Post

Gateway Tapes Informational Sticky Post Hello, and welcome to gatewaytapes.
-what is all this?
VICE released some articles recently that described how the CIA released docs indicating they sent agents to some psychic training camp. I swear, I am not pulling some tin-foil-hat bullshit. This is how I found out about this. Links:
How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA
Found: Page 25 of the CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection
They’re absolutely worth the read, but tldr, this guy Bob Monroe started fucking around with sounds in the 1950’s-60’s and how they influence alertness, sleepiness, and induce expanded states of consciousness. Sometime in the 70’s, the CIA starts investigating if there is any merit to some paranormal shit and stumble upon Monroe’s work. CIA does CIA things, and Monroe patents a new technology called Hemi-Sync. More info here:
HemiSync tldr, if you play a 100 hz tone in one ear and a 105 hz tone in your other ear, your brain “imagines” and “focuses” on that 5 hz difference. When that happens, other parts of your brain go “Oh, those neurons are popping off at 5 hz? Lemme get in on that!”. Once your engine is purring at 5 hz, you may find your state of consciousness altered. What does that mean? Try it and find out.

-ok, so what are the tapes?
The Gateway Tapes (officially The Gateway Experience) is a collection of audiotracks created by Bob Monroe that guide the listener into different states of consciousness and what is possible to do within them. They start as breathing exercises and utilizing your imagination to achieve some things. It’s like training a muscle, or practicing some creative art. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and you’re eventually able to do some real cool shit. Monroe’s personal experience and testimony claims Out of Body experiences are a thing. There are a lot of parallels between this, hindu, yoga, chakras, and occult stuff.
-are you telling me astral projecting and other psychic stuff is real?
Man, I dunno. There’s definitely something to meditating and going deeper into your mind, but as far as “How deep can deep go?”, I don’t have an answer. The mind reels when thinking of who has made journeys such as these, how deep they have gone, and what they have experienced.
-wait, could companies be beaming messages or feelings or positive sentiment into our brains via binaural audio?
Maybe? ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯
-you sound crazy, this is dumb.
I keep telling myself that everyday.
-you sound crazy, where do I sign up and listen?
Reddit Legal keeps removing links to the actual files. Google is your friend.
You can check out their official site if you’re loaded, otherwise, the their products are prohibitively expensive:
Our discord is friendly, if not quiet.
One last thing.
Think of it like this; if you're an artist, you paint on some kind of canvas, be it physical or digital. When you first start painting, your creations are crude and not that good, but with practice and experimenting, you can get to a point where you can put damn near anything on a canvas and make it look sexy.
What these tapes are doing are getting you familiar with tools you use for a "new" kind of canvas- your imagination. "Hold on there buddy, I have a VERY active imagination!" you might say, and you're absolutely right. BUT. These tapes aren't just fuckin around all willy nilly with your imagination. They're setting up the structures to support 'Expert' Imagination Tools that you can acquire with time and practice.
Your imagination is a paint set and canvas, and these tapes are mother fucking Bob Ross. Go make you some happy little trees.
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2021.11.27 00:16 amnesiac7 GOP holds on Biden nominees set back gains for women in top positions

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2021.11.27 00:16 Sewer_R4t Hi!. this is my first post here. I hope you like my edit :>

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2021.11.27 00:16 milehighe92 Freshly groomed bread loaf

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2021.11.27 00:16 Youfounddanny Worth anything? Or is anyone interested In them? Ps4/5

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2021.11.27 00:16 Least-Pie-7496 Do any of you, those who have reached puberty, but look so young for your age, feel insecure ?

I have been fully in puberty, since I am the age of ten, back in fourth grade. But the problem: I am extremely short!!! (130 cm) and i have (this may be too much information) very little breast growth (size AA cups in american measurements, i believe, i am not sure as i am not american), and very little hair on the legs and armpits. I think my hips have not even begun the process of widening, i have no curves whatsoever. It is making me so self conscious 😭
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2021.11.27 00:16 A_Writer_of_Sorts We are only human. Even Madara who dubbed hinself a "God" made mistakes.

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2021.11.27 00:16 IRaBN What to do when, after a revelation, there is a seeming loss of purpose? How to ask for guidance?

A: "What can we do when, despite doing everything right, and having our needs mostly met, we still felt empty inside without a defined purpose, or just not content enough with how our lives have turned out? What is the wisest way to humbly ask your higher self for guidance with your purpose in life?"
Q'uo: I am Q'uo and I am aware of the query, my brother.
We thank the one known as A for posing this question, for we feel that this is a pertinent question felt among many seekers who discover their will to seek, the flame alight within them, calling them to a greater service, and to a greater purpose within their life. And yet, when taking an assessment of the circumstances about one, they feel as though the potential is unmet, and that there is more to be done. This, my friends, is a very common experience. And indeed, it is an experience that is as equally important and valid to the seeker as is the experience of fulfillment and joy. For all such experiences are catalysts for the seeker upon the spiritual path, and were all catalysts imbued with the feeling of satisfaction and contentment, then progress, and self-reflection, and the urge to move upon the spiritual path would be much less present.
We receive this query with great care, as it is our desire to encourage seekers to understand the context of such experiences, and to understand that they may be utilized—not just to cause the seeker to seek guidance, but to also seek fulfillment with oneself and one's present circumstances, no matter what those circumstances may be.
We will address this side of the coin, if you will, first.
The feeling of emptiness, generally, is manifested within the self because the self recognizes a greater perspective. Yet, we find that this greater perspective that can be seen as potential or desire for greater works, may sometimes be a distraction and cause the seeker to lose sight of the opportunities within one's life—for love, for recognizing magic, for seeing the Creator imbued within all aspects of the creation. We find some humor in such a question, for it is impossible for us to not see any aspect of the creation as being full of the love and the light of the Creator. And each aspect of the creation, having an opportunity for the seeker to be rich with contemplation, and fulfillment, and love for the seeker to receive.
We do not mean to make light of what is generally a difficult and sad experience for the seeker, but only to share that it is a unique aspect of your density that allows for this experience--that aspect being the veil of forgetting that allows the seeker to be blind to the fullness of creation, for the light of the Creator to be hidden and thus requiring the seeker to do as its title implies—seek that light and find it within the creation. This need not happen by some great service or ambitious work.
This need not be a grand journey for each individual, for each day that seems to be mundane and lacks the fulfillment that the questioner seeks is potentially in itself a grand journey for the seeker to find that which it is seeking. And the seeming banality of such a day-to-day experience may be just one hurdle put in front of the seeker, the hero of this journey, to see through and to, if we may use a misnomer, overcome in its quest to find the object of the seeking.
We suggest to the questioner, and to all who may feel similarly, that the attempt to discover the love and the light of the Creator in the most regular aspects of one's life, with patience, persistence and increasing will and faith, may yield a treasure greater than one may imagine coming from a grand journey and tapping a grand potential outside of the self, and outside of one's present circumstances.
To then speak to the other side of the so-called coin, we can confirm with some irony that, indeed, for each seeker, and for each individual, there is more. And the potential that such a seeker intuits is indeed available and very real.
Each seeker upon the path of service to others has the capacity to yield great service for all those around them. And if this desire to bring about love within one's life persists, opportunities will arise to the seeker. We often find that these opportunities go unperceived, or, as we spoke about previously, perhaps avoided for discomfort or fear. For those seekers wishing to discover what grand journey may lie before them, we encourage them to look to those areas of their life in which they practice this avoidance, or they discovered discomfort. And they may find that within those areas, they may have previously been blind to opportunities to progress upon their path in a more significant way that presents to them more fulfillment and more opportunities beyond.
The method for requesting guidance from one's higher self or the unseen family available to each seeker may be quite simple. Such may be done through prayer or contemplation, either silent or spoken aloud. Through ritual, either designed personally for the self and repeated to increase its power with each iteration, or through rituals available that have been practiced collectively by others who have walked the path previously. One may find communication returned from this unseen guidance in many forms as well—whether it is slight intuitive suggestions; those things that draw the attention of the self in day-to-day life; communication through dreams, whether in sleep or waking dreams; or many other multitude of ways, that the unconscious delivers to the self communication from beyond the boundaries of the self.
This is indeed a grand journey that you are upon, my friends. And we hope to offer you some comfort in offering our perspective, that though there may be an abundance of difficulty or a lack of fulfillment in any given moment, it is not the way of the Creator or the creation for such experiences to persist indefinitely. And as you continue to walk the path, the scenery will change and will provide more and more opportunities to witness the majesty of the Creator manifest within the creation, and see that majesty reflected within the self, for you are the Creator, and all of the love and the light of the Creator is available to you at any moment upon your journey.
At this time, we transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to offer our closing thoughts for this evening. We are Q'uo.
(Jim channeling)
I am Q'uo and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased to be able to utilize each instrument in a matter which we have noticed has increased each instrument's ability to perceive the words and concepts which we offer through each in a matter of greater clarity and profundity. We are as you, instruments, we seek to serve the One Creator in all things and in all entities. And we feel as though this process that we have utilized this evening is a fine example of the concentration that each instrument has attained that allows a more effective representation of our words and thoughts. This type of focus and dedication is the kind of qualities that come with an advanced practice of learning what you call, the art of channeling. This is a fruit, shall we say, of much labor. And we thank each of you for being dedicated to becoming more fastidious channels and more inspiring channels. For as you become aware of the words and concepts flowing through you, you are also being imbued yourself in your very being by the inspiration that you transmit to others. This is a very desirable outcome and signal of progress that each has made.
Adonai, vasu borragus.
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2021.11.27 00:16 bjordan404 Moon's ready to pounce

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2021.11.27 00:16 LyraTheArtist Praying for a miracle at work

Hello everyone. I'm praying for a miracle that the situation with my job will improve, that I can get a new and better boss soon. For many months now, I've been through situations that have made me fearful to be at work. My boss of two years has shown himself to be a micromanager and a toxic person. Allow me to explain why this is so.
He requires me to copy him on all of my outgoing emails (even on things that don't require his attention), and at one point forbade me to type in my own name in the email account that clearly was assigned to me at the beginning of my employment. His reasoning for forbidding me to use my name in my emails is because "people don't know who you are" even though I identify myself in the first sentence of my emails when I'm writing to strangers. At times my boss will task me with writing emails on his behalf and I put in "From the desk of " or "On behalf of " either in the subject line or in the body of the email, but then he asks me why those emails are coming from me, which is an odd question since he did ask me to send out the emails for him, and I don't send out anything on his behalf unless to tells me to. Plus, he never delegated access to me for his email account, and he knows this, so any emails I send out have to come from me, but on his behalf.
Whenever someone comes to the office, he demands to know who was here and what they want, even if they weren't coming to see him specifically, or if the visitors had questions and I could answer them, he still wants to know who was here. Sometimes when he hears me talking to someone he'll come out of his office to see who I'm talking to. The same thing goes for incoming telephone calls. He wants to know who called and what their purpose for calling was.
A coworker of mine was out from work for a couple of days, leaving me to look after the office in her place. There was an email sent to me, stating that our department's request to order an item had been approved. My boss had known beforehand that we were going to purchase this item and had provided approval. We just needed the approval from the other department, which we just did, before moving forward. My boss became irritated that I was planning to move forward with the order even though, as I stated previously, he had already known about this. His reasoning for stopping me from ordering the item was "Just because I approved it before doesn't mean I'll approve it now. You should tell me first before putting any orders in. You shouldn't even be doing anything that involves the budget/financing anyways. That's 's job." He brought up my coworker, who was away on vacation, leaving me the only one in the front office to look after things in her absence, who will now have more work piled on top of existing work, all because my boss prevented me from helping out. By the way, I'm not a complete novice when it comes to purchasing items for the department.
Prior to my coworker going on vacation, the copy machine broke down. She submitted a request to our technology department to have it fixed. She didn't leave me any information about this request. During her time away, the boss gets irritated that the copy machine is still broken and asks me "Did you know that the copier isn't working?" I replied that I did, and that had contacted the technology department to ask a technician to come over to have a look at it. Then he asked me "Did you follow up on that?" I was slightly baffled, and I explained to my boss that I didn't have the means to look up what and had put in for the request. At that he stormed off to his office, clearly in a bad mood and thinking that I was incompetent. I quickly reacted by telling him that I will contact the technology department for an update, just anything that will help calm him down. Unfortunately, the technology department couldn't provide a timeline for a diagnosis or estimated time of repair for the copier.
There's so much more I have to write about, but I think this gives a good picture of what my boss is like behind closed doors (i.e. within the department). He's all happy and jolly and willing to lend a helping hand to people in other departments, so it shocks me that a person who seemingly wants to do good for his colleagues and for the wider community can be such an abhorrent and toxic person.
I'm afraid of my boss. I'm afraid to provide the same level of assistance as I've done in the past because he might get irritated and tell me it's not my job to be doing them. I'm afraid he's trying to make my job obsolete. I'm afraid of losing my job. This might not be the place for it, but whatever your beliefs are, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for reading this.
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2021.11.27 00:16 thehairyhobo Ultimates. Went full Meltwick, was funny lol.

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2021.11.27 00:16 lawless_c Posture affecting pectus

This is might soujd off but can posture agfect pectus a lot? I only really noticed mine in my mid late 20s which is when i started working more in an offoce environment.
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2021.11.27 00:16 jonnyrock3t92 FS. Randy Arozarena Stadium Club Auto. $100, BMWT shipping incl. Thanks

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2021.11.27 00:16 Mrbubblesgirl Isis passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her as dearly as the first day she left

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2021.11.27 00:16 SunTzuSaidThat22 Why

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2021.11.27 00:16 Small-Can3519 网上网赌正规真人实体现场靠谱平台---腾龙娱乐

网上网赌正规真人实体现场靠谱平台---腾龙娱乐 络是当下所有人都离不开的一种存在,打电话,玩游戏,购物等等这些东西都离不开我们的生活,而我们的生活却离不开网络。有利就有弊,正因为如此就出现大批具有娱乐性的网站平台,所以大家一定要小心不要掉入他们的陷阱,到时候谁都帮不了你。有人说互联网是人与人之间沟通的桥梁,是如今生活中不可缺少的一部分,除此之外在我看来他还是不法分子用来赚钱的一条捷径之路。正因为当下互联网给人们带来了很多方便之处,同时也带来了很
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2021.11.27 00:16 pesochrisss WFL QUICK

me: diamond dragon them: neon blue scooter
View Poll
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2021.11.27 00:16 CyberConCoder Flag of Argentina but it's a pattern on a giant Christmas tree but the sun couldn't handle any more of Mariah Carey's retail store music

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2021.11.27 00:16 Randomhm-Piansit8318 Piano gang guess the piece I'm watching

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2021.11.27 00:16 Ihuarraquaxxx Modern warfare Or Cold war without warzone, Is it possible !? PS5 problems

Hey guys, I was playing MW(PS4 version) and Warzone but now that I bought CW, system automatically start downloading WARZONE again. What should I do!? I don't even want to play warzone anymore. But it's like there are no separate games anymore. They don't even have separate icons. How can I play coldwar without downloading another 100 gb of warzone on my device.
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2021.11.27 00:16 SLJ7 I need a wearable camera that shows up as a native video device on Android. Does this exist?

I'm probably not the normal audience for this sub but it just occurred to me to ask here. I'm totally blind, and I'm experimenting with smartphone apps which perform object and text recognition, as well as apps which can stream video to a sighted person who can do visual interpretation. These include apps like Supersense, Envision AI, Be My Eyes, and Aira.
I'd like to have a head-mounted camera that can communicate with these apps so I can leave my phone in my pocket and walk around getting information hands-free, and without having to worry about pointing the phone in the same direction I'm facing. A good example of this is walking through an indoor shopping mall where there's no GPS and no real way to tell which stores are immediately available. An agent on Aira would be able to look through this hypothetical head-mounted camera and get a good view of what I would be seeing if I could in fact see. Of course, I could also just duo call someone and ask them to do the same. The most important thing is that the camera should be universal rather than something wireless with a companion app, which most things on Google seem to be. This would allow any app on the phone to use it as a video device, provided the app in question was coded to be able to do so. I'm already assuming this is not easy or maybe even possible on iOS, but I have Android devices I could also use.
I've tried Googling a great many keywords and haven't found anything that does exactly this. Most of them connect wirelessly or just don't connect to a smartphone at all. But I know these exist; Aira actually used to give them out to their subscribers but those devices were eventually discontinued for some reason.
I'd be extremely grateful if anyone can find or recommend a device that does what I want; it would make travel in unfamiliar places a lot easier and frankly a lot more fun.
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2021.11.27 00:16 YourHumanStory Spent Front End Friday with a circular saw and Dremel. Viper cut time.

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2021.11.27 00:16 n64generationuk Schnittke - Choir Concerto 4 - Complete This Work Which I Began

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