Role play- PS4/5

2022.01.22 21:22 Aggravating-Ad-6876 Role play- PS4/5

Hello I’m Riley and I’m looking for some people to play some role-play in RDR 2 Online. There’s not any limitations of who Can join but don’t just troll and keep the historical context relevant to the time period. My Psn is MK11_Pro. Thank You!
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2022.01.22 21:22 kaizer894 How to make a character's transformation more convincing

Hello everyone. I'm currently writing a short film script from the point of view of a zombie who relinquishes her zombie/predatory instincts when she remembers her past life as a human. The character was a florist before transforming and in the scene, she is eating a liver like zombies would but her eyes catch a primrose on the floor which triggers a vision/quick flash to a memory where she was watering primroses, this was my initial turning point for the character because I wanted to keep it simple. However, I was told it wasn't a compelling/convincing reason for a zombie to "revert" mentally to a more human state.
Could anybody give me advice on how to think of a more compelling reason to transform this character using a simple device like looking at/feeling/remembering something? Thank you.
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2022.01.22 21:22 Lichkaiser Is 300/300 Mbps ample?

What use cases require 500/500 or Gigabit? Can 98% of people get by on 300/300?
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2022.01.22 21:22 xKevinn What would you do for $1,000,000 but not $1,000?

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2022.01.22 21:22 MHappyJ Stylized Planar Head. Started as a Stylized Frankenstein's monster. Could probably refine it more but I decided to end it after around 2 hours.

Stylized Planar Head. Started as a Stylized Frankenstein's monster. Could probably refine it more but I decided to end it after around 2 hours. submitted by MHappyJ to ZBrush [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 21:22 2_Blue Woman Hears 'Ghostly Footsteps' in 'Haunted' Army Barracks

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2022.01.22 21:22 TaldusServo Chattel — Enchanted furniture race for your magic castle adventure

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2022.01.22 21:22 myredditacc3 Biden isn't criticized by the left apparently

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2022.01.22 21:22 thecuckfactor Pulled this today.. what are the odds .. 🤔😏

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2022.01.22 21:22 EtchedBoredApe Links Are below

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2022.01.22 21:22 Bumpy-road People camping in trees? Hard pass for me - spiderman can die now

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2022.01.22 21:22 Weak-Caregiver5718 THEY TALK

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2022.01.22 21:22 MAFiA_79 Earn 10,000 #Terk by doing easy tasks. #BSCGem #BSCtoken #BSC #Airdrop
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2022.01.22 21:22 Sylpherius Imports from Japan (with ENG language)

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2022.01.22 21:22 ToxicAveng3rx While helping a friend go through his stash...

While helping a friend go through his stash box, I came across a lvl45 DE90 mini😱 Was like where tf you get that?!?! His response was I got it as a drop back in the day. Totally unaware it's a legacy🤣 Can someone tell what this is worth as he's considering trading it? Xbox
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2022.01.22 21:22 gakdydu M23 Melded eu wenner morn en bj wennd

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2022.01.22 21:22 shutyourdingdangtrap Pictures while in treatment

I wonder if this ever leads to them getting taken less seriously. I can imagine if a nurse walked in on one of them taking pictures of their IVs, treatment, setting up photo ops in inpatient rooms, etc., it could lead them to be treated as less of a severe case. It just seems like if they’re truly as sick as they claim their focus while being treated should be, you know, being treated and getting better. I’ve even seen some of them take photo/video WHILE providers are in the room. Have any of them ever touched on this?
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2022.01.22 21:22 akinpinkmaN The server has stopped during launch (Normal Termination)

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2022.01.22 21:22 yessssiiiiirrrrrr How would you react in a situation like this?

The story is that I was in a small spa getting a massage. Before the massage I took of the chain and put it inside of the pocket of the robe that I got from the spa to borrow. What happened is that after the massage I went to shower straight away and threw the rob with the chain inside the pocket to the laundry basket. I was so relaxed that I forgot the chain in the pocket and since I took a shower there at the spa in the evening I didn’t take one at home before I sleep which I usually do.
So the next day when I’m about to shower before bed I see that I got no chain around my neck. Usually I have the chain on me 24/7 so it’s in my brain that I have it on me. Then I remember that I had forgot it inside the pocket. The next day I went there ASAP in the morning to ask them if they had found my chain. The lady who take care of the cleaning and the laundry in the spa took me to the room I was in to search. I looked everywhere and didn’t find it. We went to the laundry room to check the exact same robe I had and nothing was there. The lady said since no one have come for a massage after me it was 100% my robe. I even checked inside of the machine and the drying machine and it’s filter, but yet nothing there. It’s impossible for the chain to go through the small holes inside the washing machine because the chain is too thick. I asked her: did you see anything inside of the washing machine because it could had gone out the pocket and she said no.
Her theory was that it could had gone though the holes and be stuck somewhere inside the machine and she was like: I’m 90% sure that the chain is inside the machine somewhere. So I requested the manager to bring a repairman to open it. And he agreed to it but it would take a week for the company to come and dismantle the machine. Btw someone was already on its way to check the machine because the water pipe from the machine to the sewer was already broken.
My problem was that I was gonna fly back home 2 days later. I burned my ticket even though they insisted to not do it and said that they would call if they found it.
But I wanted to see it with my own eyes because this chain was a gift and it have a huge sentimental value to me. The week passes and I’m waiting for them to call me so that I can come and inspect. But no call from the cleaning lady or the spa. So I go and ask literally everyday if the repairman have come or when they gonna come and she says that she gonna call when they come. Yet no call. I go again to check and she says that they came in the morning and didn’t find anything inside it.
I’m a bit suspicious against this cleaning lady that she found it when she was gonna wash the robe and the towels because is a low chance that it would go down the sewer or those tiny holes in the machine. Why would she tell me it’s inside somewhere? To give me hope?
The machine already had problem with the water pipe that leads the water to the sewer. The pipe was literally open and what comes out the machine comes on the floor before the water gets pushed down the sewer hole.
I’m very suspicious that she found it. This spa is located in Turkey and they have an economic crisis at the moment. This people who work in the spa have very bad salary. She must had thought because I’m an European I can buy a new one and the chain won’t be an economic loss for me. But deep down I’m depressed because the chain was a gift, it has it sentimental value to me, I explained this to the lady and managers several time and it’s the reason I cancelled my return ticket.
What should I do next? Try to move on or go confront her even though I got no evidence? I’m suspicious against her because she is the only one who take care of the cleaning and the laundry. And no costumers been to the spa after I was there.
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2022.01.22 21:22 HealthyHeart2284 2012 f150 5.0

Just bought a new truck. Has the 3.73 rear axle and was curious if anyone knows the best ways to add to the gas mileage. Looking for the best bang for the buck.
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2022.01.22 21:22 athynsgeux For Community Day.

Flash S4E12 Start at 1:37. Cecile gets Telepathy and tries to guess the number in Cisco's head.
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2022.01.22 21:22 Zestyclose_Fly_8027 We probably eat way more food in 1-2 years than out ancestors have eaten in their entire lifetime

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2022.01.22 21:22 Nukemup Discord - Going Live reduced audio / video

Morning all,
Last month I built a brand new computer the specs are 3080ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800x , B550 Mobo and ever since than I have had issues going live... constantly pixelated and giving me the yellow error (Reduced video / audio...) I have never had this issue before I am a Nitro user, I have a 500mbps download, 50mbps upload.
I have done a bunch of trouble shooting that I've found online disabling settings on discord, removing xbox record settings, turning off Nvidia overlay, uninstalling Discord and removing all the registry for Discord and installing Canary and the Discord (Public Test Client)
I am stuck for a resolution around this... feel like I've exhausted all options.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.22 21:22 TheDeadlyCat Online Play as DM with frame to show stuff

Hi, long time DM here, somewhat retired but wants to try his hand on gaming online via Skype or Discord or something.
I have created a little frame in OBS with space for all cameras and a map, hitpoints etc.
My intent is to grab my friends camera feeds and mine. Put them in there and send the entire thing as my video feed so they can pin on my camera and see each other and the additional information.
What client would this work with? Which one is likely to have good performance? Allows that pinning of my feed? Did you try something like that before? How did it go?
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2022.01.22 21:22 Marshalljoe What is something from your childhood memories that you later realized was disturbing?

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